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18. First Cycle Before Marines. Advice?


Don’t be a dick about it!

Ok so i got my hands on some gear. Specifically Test - E, Dbol, HCG, and Nolva.

I know everything about what i would be taking and how the effects would be if i got any and everything youre probably gonna say i know about. <y dad body builded and got me into it as a kid like 10. I stopped workout and and playing alot of sports around freshman year. I did football and wrestling though. Anyways thats not the point. Im 18 and i wanna do a cycle before going to the Marines. Ive had my close older friends say that theyve done 1ml (250mg) of test e a week for 10 weeks for their first cycle and they were perfectly fine. I probably wont do the full cycle as it is pretty heavy but it is a good begginer cycle from my knowledge. Ive been weightlifting for almost a year now but hard.

Total years ive been weightlifting could be close to about 5. This is when i really started figuring out everything. I have my own specific diet plan and everything. Ive gained huge amounts of muscle and mass. Went from 120 pounds to 169 pounds less than 10% body fat and now i train kids who were skinny like me and i write meal plans. Im very educated about everything from body building naturally to taking anabolic steroids.

I just want final opinons as im staring at this stuff right now wondering if its worth it. Should i wait after 4 years in the Marines then do it? or mabey only do just dbol or mabey only do just the test with a PCT oubviously. Give me honest opinons and i already know youre gonna say wait but i do know what im doing if that helps. Thanks


This is incongruent with every other word in your post.

You’re what I despise about the fitness industry.


Your body is probably still developing, so I would advise against doing any steroids. You are producing high amounts of natural testosterone already.
If you did a cycle you would still need to deal with low T as your body re adjusts and starts producing its own testosterone, not good if you are going through basic training, you would actually be at a disadvantage, against an average guy.
I’m also against recruits thinking they need roids to get through basic training. If you think you need roids to get through then you probably shouldn’t be applying to join.
Sure plenty of people in the armed forces use steroids, I would support elite troop taking what they think will improve them, but its wasted if you are just a grunt. Even for elite troops mental toughness, ability to survive, general fitness with an innate ability not to physically break down or get injured are what get you selected, not being the biggest baddest looking MF, with the best bench.
Lets face it being extremely stronger than average is not as much of a help these days in the miltary. Most combat is not hand to hand like in medieval times, but at a distance.

Being able to survive in less than ideal situations regarding supplies, food helps win a war more so than having a superior build. Carrying excess muscle you need a lot of food to maintain your build and fitness. Again access to drugs in an active military zone is not going to be ideal even if it is state supplied and condoned. If your supply of food, or drugs gets interrupted, you will be at more of a disadvantage, than your foe that can survive effectively on a bowl of rice a day like the VC and NVA in the Vietnam War.

If your going to eventually end up doing steroids then fine. I would wait until after your military service or at the very least in the later part of it.


Thank for being nice about it unlike the other doucher. But you did take what i said the wrong way. I defiently DO NOT need roids to get me thru basic at all. Just wanna be big and stay fit thru it all. At 3 meals a day with all the cardio for 3 months im gonna lose some weight and muscle. Thats why i would juice up. Workout like a beast for 3-4 months. Then off to basic pretty soon. Im going for Force Recon marines also. But thanks. Ill save the roids for after my service.


I’m a doucher for pointing out that you claim expertise but yet ask very basic questions?

Further, you state one year of lifting ‘hard’ yet, presumably, charge individuals for your nutritional/training expertise?


As a former Marine that enlisted at about 130 lbs, and graduated at 119 from recruit training, I strongly discourage the usage at all before enlisting.

What I see people coming to T-Nation looking to enlist is failing to realize that the military is more about leadership than it is strength. Sure, strength does have its place in the military. But, if you’re a strong leader, you can get anything done. That doesn’t mean having 20 inch arms, that means being able to convey what needs to be done and accomplishing the mission with what you have available to you.

I’d strongly suggest for you to put your cycle on hold until at least your 2nd enlistment as you’ll see the picture of a Marine is not what you may think of them when you actually get in the fleet. Marines come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s the characteristics that they bring to the table that’s the most important.

Others will say, ‘18 this, 18 that, you ought to be 25.’ I don’t care. You’re adult enough to decide. This is just my advice.

Develop your mind and attitude first and foremost. And, good luck.


Do you REALLY want honest opinions, or do you want people to “not be a dick” to you?

OK. Never mind.


I dont charge anyone buddy.


Dude…your not going to want to hear this, but your just a kid. Your test and energy levels are what older guys take drugs for just to be at your level. I know you’ve already made up your mind on this, but just do one thing. Set it aside for two days and think about it first.


man your 18 years old…i dont think u want to be 19 years old with erectil dysfonction and no libido anymore because u took steroide…sometimes the body never get back at 100% ( we see alot of post about it here )

dont be stupid man


Cycling before going into the Corp is fucking retarded.


Don’t do it!! Wait atleast. 25 years old minimum.


On a more detailed note: if you have this great physique, making/made all these great gainz, training kids, writing meal planz, then why in the fuck would u all the sudden want to throw a bomb at your HTPA and risk shutting down with exogeneous testosterone when it sounds from what u said that your natty test and system is working better than fine right now??!! Really makes no sense, what you at wanting/contemplating to do. There is NO guarantee that after PCT you will be back to normal. Sometimes guys get shut down permanently, yes from first time and yes just from test. Why gamble that??


…and from one military guy to potentially another, if you don’t like the way some of these responses have sounded, just wait til u meet your drill seargent…lol. You will wish he was as easy on you. :slight_smile:


there’s a lot that could be said here, but honestly, the bottom line is that this is an ineffective dosage, and is not worth the inherent risks. 250mg/week is going to be BARELY over your natural production, if it’s even over at all. If you’re a guy who has naturally high testosterone, which is entirely possible since A) you’re 18 and B) you’ve made excellent gains already, then this is truly a stupid cycle, regardless of how well educated you are or how well you train. I highly recommend against this.


Just letting everyone know i havent taken it. I know im smarter than that lol plus i make extreme gains OVER NIGHT it almost looks like i take roids cus my natural testerone is so high at my age. I put it off. Dont worry i know you gusy would be hard on me i get it i see it in every forum an 18 year old posts. Just wanted to see what you guys would personally say to me ya know? Thanks everyone.


I spent 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry 0311… Doing gear before bootcamp is an absolute waste… You’ll lose everything as far as gains. I went to Parris Island weighing 194 and in good shape. I graduated at a whopping 162 and looked like a bag of bones. You do tons and tons of cardio based exercise and you don’t always get time to eat all of your food. If you are scrawny going in, there’s a chance you’ll get a tag for double rats (2 servings of food). My little brother is also a Marine. He’s more of an ectomorph and actually gained a little bit of weight. Trust me, You’ll be physically beat down so bad that you won’t really hold any quality muscle… Then Infantry School…Then Recon School… Ha there goes the rest of the muscle. You might wanna make sure you are focused on speed and endurance instead of being strong. Focus on the things that will benefit you more instead of worrying about putting on muscle. Good Luck. Semper Fi.


Hah, I didn’t get that until I dropped below 115.

But I’ll tell you what, there was no way I was gonna let that 80 pound bag control me going up the reaper and Mt. Mfer, nor let anyone else do the heavy lifting. It’s really mind over matter in that situation. If someone thinks it’s 100% pure muscle that matters going in, I see them as an idiot due to my personal experience. Don’t get me wrong, I did spend the latter of field month with a swollen achilles that I was sure would snap at any moment, but hell with going to medical platoon… I was in it till the end, and, made it. (Forgot all the Marine lingo, it’s been 10 years)


Sell the gear, buy some food and train harder. If joining the marines, run.