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18, Female, 5', 112lbs


Currently cutting. Actually, i feel like i'm forever cutting. Advice? Criticism?
Sorry if the pictures aren't too great :slightly_smiling:






last one...


yummy :slight_smile:

but in RMP you're supposed to take pics of back, wheels etc. The more pics the better. Just saying.

Edit: oh you beat me OP.


I've just found one of the legs too - very embarassing actually :expressionless:


there is already a good job of fact, the V-Diet should help you to your goal.
working width of the back and shoulders to accentuate the forms.
thin hips by the Diet.
legs are proportionate, it should just cut.
this is my sweet thoughts.

sorry for translation, I'm french, sniff


This is a trend I would like to see more of. Girls posting in RMP.

Anyways, give us an idea of your training, diet, etc so we can help you :wink:


do you have a significant other?


i would

OP, what does your...

military press

look like?


In terms of training, i train at home. Currently doing full body resistance training 3 times a week, with one anaerobic cardio session, one HIIT session using extended tabata protocol and a session using metabolic blasters. I used to do more traditional lifting but after reading alot on Figure Athlete i changed things up.

My diet is usually a carb cyle. Im still trying to get it right at the moment. I need a balance - enough calories to allow me to train and play and practice golf everyday, but low enough for fat loss.
In terms of goals, i want to get as strong as i can, without adding much more muscle - that'll fuck up my golf swing. Perhaps wouldnt mind bigger forearms, tris and quads. Also working on flexibility. I want a functional body - like the MMA fighters.
The lower bodyfat is just for my self esteem, and to say i was able to do it.

My max lifts, i dont know. Because i train at home i dont have the facilities to do it safely and i cant afford injury mid-season. I would be interested to find out at some point though.

And TheRizza - yes, i do have someone, unofficially lol.


damn... I'm crushed.

solid physique, I gave an 8 because you were wearing a bandanna and hand wraps in one pick. that's hawt.


yeh lol, i think she knows shes a lucky lady :wink:

Thanks :slightly_smiling: that was after a bag workout, hence the wraps.


Dayammm you look gooood, no argument there. But that pic can't be AFTER a bag workout, it looks posed and you haven't a single drop of perspiration anywhere, c'mon.


Criteria would be a little bit different though...and most of the responses would end up being better suited for SAMA I'd think.

Would you guys be as straight as you are with the guys?


Cannot compute stares at debra's avatar


Joking aside I think with time yes, older members will eventually turn out 'to be straight' (that sounds wierd).


I think you should do squats, bench press, deadlifts, and military press, and pullups. They are your friends :slightly_smiling:

What is the "full body resistance training" that you are doing at home? You have a bowflex or something?


I think OP has a pretty decent physique. Back Thickness (Upper and lower) is what I'd suggest her to work more on. Other than that I think the good work is showing. I gave ya a 7.


no. it means supersetting upper body movements with lower body movement. i do all of the exercises you've lifted above.


of course its posed....

my sister took it for part of a project, just happened to be after i was working out. As for the sweat - the picture is black and white, which is why you cant see it, and i have a bandana on, so you cant see my hair wet with sweat.