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18 chins in 10 weeks - update

Hey guys - I thought that I would let you all know how my chins quest is coming. Well Ill start by thanking Coach Davies who has given me some great help - I would encourage you to enlist his services. So with about 5 weeks left Im up to 7 chins. I also found out that I only need to be able to do 15 for the job test but Im still aiming for 18 as that is the number I started out with as my goal. So far Ive come from being able to do 2 chins to 7 - so Ive more that tripled my output in 5 weeks or so. Ill keep you all posted on my progress and I`ll let you know when I pass the job test.

Great job!
What does your chin-up routine look like now?

Right now a chin routine looks something like this (ladders with rest between sets):7,2,1,1 / 6,2,1,1 / 5,2,1,1 / 4,2,1,1. I`m not sure if I have actually done what I just listed but you get the idea. There is usually 90 secs between sets for rest. I hope to be up to 15 chins by the end of december so I still have a lot of work ahead of me.