18 chins in 10 weeks - help me

I need some help. Has anyone ever performed the routine outlined by Poliquin in the article “No More Geek Back Training”. If so what kind of results did you get? I need to get my chins up to 18+ for a job physical that is coming up (I do 18+ chins or I dont get the job) and Im no where near that now. I can currently do 3 - Ive been out of the gym for over a year and this week will be my first week back. Maybe Coach Davies you could help me - Im just not really sure where to begin but Im willing to do anything to get this job so any advice would be a great help. The other physical requirements of the job will not be a problem - but this one is my sticking point - I will go and get the specifics on the other requirements and Ill post them here. Thanks for your help guys.

Because you only have 10 weeks and your current numbers are quite a ways from your goal, I have an unconventional suggestion. This is a modified version of a Poliquin program for increasing bench press numbers for an NFL combine:
3x a week
-have a partner hold your ankles while you max out on a set of chins. with a stopwatch, time how long it takes to do this.
-rest the amount of time it took you to do the first set.
-do another max set. record the time it took.
-rest the amount of time it took to do the second set.
-repeat until the total number of reps from all sets equals your goal. reguardless of how many sets it takes.
example: 1st set 8 reps time 20 seconds
rest 20 seconds
2nd set 5 reps time 15 seconds
rest 15 seconds
3rd set 3 reps time 8 seconds
rest 8 seconds
4th set 2 reps
total of 18 reps
when you can do at least 18 straight reps with your partner holding your ankles switch to having your partner hold only one ankle or with no spot at all and repeat the workout. because you are pressed for time your approach will have to be aggressive so ensure that your nutrition and supplementation are appropriate for this type of intense training. I hope this helps.

Your best bet is Pavel’s “Ladder Method.” You’ll want to start doing chins every day, never training to failure. For a copy of the article, visit my web site and email me.

Mate it is a big ask.
One suggestion I will make is that the first couple of weeks do Towel chins or even alternate your regular chins with your normal ones. They will make the gripping and upper arm fatigue you feel during normal chins disappear. I have also given the Poliquin/King method of a go and it works well, but since you cant do 5 yet it may be more suitable later on. Basically you chin with enough weight hangin off you to allow for one rep, then you rest and perform max BW chins and repeat.
Also, whats your body composition like?

What kind of a job requires u to do 18 pull ups? army?

Going from 3 to 18 in 10 weeks will be difficult, but i don’t think its impossible if you have decent genetics and are just out of shape. First, if you don’t already, i suggest you start using creatine, you need all the help you can get. It also sounds like you need to add some lean upper body mass, so make sure you get at least 1.5g of protein per lb of body weight every day, and minimise cardio work as long as that doesn’t interfere with your other requirements.
As for the training, use ladders, as advocated by Pavel Tsatsouline. You can either do a web search or copy and paste the following url for clarification of this method:
(Pavel's Ladder). Aim to chin as often as possible, but NEVER GO TO FAILURE. Always stop a few reps short.
Also, when you do the chins, make sure you squeeze the bar as hard as possible, like you’re trying to crush it, also concentrate on contracting your abs, glutes, lats, and even legs and feet. Every muscle in your body should be tight, especially grip, abs and glutes.

Good luck.

How much time do you have?

what job do you need to do 18 chins for?
there is a lot more qualifyed people here than me to help you.
your going to have to move your butt though…are they strict chins?
to get better at chins while i was in the army they made us do dozens and dozens of chins a day.
no doubt i was horribly over trained but the reps kept climbing

Ladder chins will do the trick, but you better start now.

Hey Guys - here are the other requirements that I need to live up to. These will not be tested for another 6 months though.
A 20-minute rest is allowed between phases.

Shuttle Run: the runner completes a minimum of 90, 20-metre runs back and forth, or 1800 metres (1.1 miles) at pre-determined beeps starting at 8.2 seconds per 20 metres and progressing faster throughout the 1800 metres.

Upright Row: in a standing position, back against the wall, knees slightly bent, and hands placed shoulder width apart on the bar, lift a 23-kg (51 lb.) barbell to shoulder height. The metronome will be set at 40 beats per minute or 20 lifts per minute. The standard is 18 repetitions per minute.

Pump/Hose/Carry/Drag: which must be completed in under four minutes and ten seconds. The timer starts when the pump is placed on the ground.

For safety purposes, this test must be performed wearing a hard hat, coveralls, and work boots.
Start by carrying 30-kg (65-lb) Mark III pump 100 metres without stopping - 50 metres out and back.
Next pick up four 30-metre (100 ft) lengths of 1.5-inch hose, (31 kg/68 lbs.), putting it over the shoulders and carrying it a distance of 300 metres - 75 metres out and back twice.
Upon completion of the above, pick up a charged length of 1.5-inch hose and drag it 50 metres out and back twice for a total of 200 metres. Hose lengths must be pulled over the shoulder with one hand and grasped behind the back with the opposite hand to pass this test.

The reason I need to do 18 chins is because I can`t make the first testing session - they don`t even test for chins at the training session; its just something they make guys do who can`t make the session to make sure they don`t let a bunch of chumps through the first set of cuts. This first session is in 10 weeks so I have approximately 10 weeks to get up to 18 chins.

My current body composition is 6feet, 200lbs, at around (this is a total guess as I have never tested) 10-15% body fat. I can see my top two abdominals and i have veins on all parts of my arms - but I`m naturally veiny. The other job requirement is that I need to be under 200lbs for the time of the training session. For those of you who have not guessed yet the job is firefighting - and the weight restriction is for the helicopter that I will be flying around in all day.

Thanks for all the help so far I will keep you all posted on my progress. By the way - what are towel chins?

Please provide some background on body weight/composition & what types of training you have been performing. I look forward to being of service. In faith, Coach Davies

Due to the current forum bugs, I can’t see if this has already been posted, so here goes:
I’ve been trying out Pavel’s techniques. Go read this articles on t-mag, in issues 153 and 154 I think. I’m doing pullups 3x a week and my reps are going through the roof! It also really does seem to help when tightening other muscles like the abs and glutes when performing pullups. I highly recommend Pavel’s routine. Heck, he trains SWAT teams for this very thing!

Coach Davies - the information you requested: my bodyweight is currently 200lbs, Im 6 feet tall, Im 20 years old, I would guess my bodyfat to be at around 11-13% although Ive never been tested, and as far as training goes I will be returning to the gym today for the first time in a year. Before that I had been training what I thought was hard (before I discovered testosterone that is) since i was 17. So my training experience is limited to a couple of years. I have always been very active in sports - Ive played on competative teams of soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, and hockey. People tend to tell me that Im big - whatever that means. Im considerably weaker now then when I was training - but chins were never my strong point. I believe that the 18 chins that i need to do are supinated chins (palms facing me). I really hope that this helps because I really want this job (I got a little fire burning inside that is pushing me to achieve this). Also - I would not complain if the chins program added functional strength to the rest of my body. Thank you and have a great day.

…So based on the collective experience here, do those counter-weight chin machines belong in the “dork” category, in Poliqun-speak? Poliquin states he doesn’t like them, but does that mean there’s no place for them? What is everyone’s experience with this? Coach Davies, what is your experience here - with some of the linemen you work with, you’re likely asking them to move a lot of weight with chins/pulls. Thanks…

Wow. 18 chins. I doubt many firemen could come even close. Certainly not in our volunteer fire department here in Toonersville. Our fire department motto is that “We have never lost a foundation yet”. Good luck in your pursuit.

You certainly have your work cut out for you with this and I dont think you ought to ignore the fitness element to this. In addition to the additional strength you need to work on, with the focus of your test, you also need to cut a fair amount of bodyfat. Your last post didnt include any mention of specific weight training - is there any particular pattern you have been following or should I just assume to start from scratch. I apologize if it is difficult to post but because of the little glitches it is hard to open this thread. Naturally, you can also email me directly. In faith, Coach Davies

This may seem stupid and unbased, but hey - its worked before…maintain your body and do chinups everyday…i mean a shitload…just rep out, rest, rep out and so on for as long as you can go…pretty much tryna get into slow twitch i guess, all i know is it got me from 0 real reps to over 20 full ones in an extremely short time [think week]

Thanks for the reply Coach. As I said above I have been out of the gym now for over a year so I would basically say that I am starting from scratch. And please dont apologize as Im just happy that your willing to help. Thanks. I`ll try to email you directly.

To T.E. - No, this machine isn’t in the “dork” category. Look closely, and you can see that the knee pad on the Gravitron will rotate out of the way. Now you have a stand with 3 hand positions to do body weight (or more) pull ups.

First time I can actually log on this thread. Good point T.E. - I do a lot of pullup/chins and within Lineman you certainly have some problems particularily when they start your program with a weight problem. I also have (all positions) perform work on monkey bars and generally conclude training sessions with bar hangs. In the event they havn’t grown within the program you need to make significant revisions. In faith, Coach Davies