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18 and Thinking about First Cycle

I know what everyone is going to think when they see the title of my topic, but I’m not just another 18 year old hell bent on jumping on his first cycle with crazy amounts of a shit ton of compounds. I wouldn’t have even started considering a first cycle yet if I didn’t have a wanting to compete. I don’t want to rely on the drugs but more use the as another tool to help me obtain the physique I want. With that in mind, my goal is to try to take as little as possible because I don’t want to mess up my body but I need the edge on stage. I want to rely more on diet and training than anything. I just know that if I have a dream of competing and actually having a chance, I’m going to need to take something since the guy standing next to me will probably be taking twice the amount. I am just looking for some advice and help with my first cycle.
The cycle I am thinking about is:
-8 to 12 week cycle(haven’t really decided on exactly how long, looking for advice on this)
-Test Cyp 250 to 300mg a week(Like I said starting extremely low)
PCT first 4 weeks:
-Arimadex .5mg eod
-Nolvadex 40mg ed
PCT weeks 5 and 6:
Nolvadex 20mg ed

Don’t know if for AI I should use Arimadex or Aromasin(if I did take Aromasin it would be 12.5mg daily)
Another thing I need help on is if I should run AI and SERM while on cycle or just for PCT. I have seen people say different things.
Like I said a very basic cycle, just looking for some advice. Thanks for the help!


Have you had blood work to find out a baseline? What is your bodies natural Test production levels? Being so young, I bet your natural levels of Test are not far from the small dose you are planning for your cycle. That means you should just stay natural for as long as possible.

With such a small dose cycle, you wouldnt take an AI daily just to take it. Keep it on hand in case the symptoms show up.

Being so young, the risk outweigh the reward.

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Ahhhhhm shut up ppp with these stupid kids

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If 18 year-olds who are considering steroids had any wisdom, they would listen to the many experienced voices who advise against it, and take extra care to understand the reasons why.

If 18 year-olds who are dead-set on taking steroids had any brains, they wouldn’t mention that they are 18 in the thread title.

When I was 18 I had neither wisdom nor brains, so I’m not here to judge you if you want to fuck around with your endocrine system when it is in the best natural state it will ever be in to make the most progress you possibly can. Take the drugs and don’t look back if that’s what you want to do. Any potential bouts of depression, lost gains, erectile dysfunction and hormone fuckery you may or may not have won’t be any skin off of my back.

Best of luck kid!


Here we go again. My only advice is NO, but I’m sure you won’t listen so good luck!

Responded to the wrong person. I’m not just thinking about trying my first cycle to just get big and look good in the gym. I have a wanting to compete and how in the hell am I supposed to be successful on stage in even the slightest against some guy that is pumping his ass full of oil if I stayed natural. And my aim isn’t to take a shit ton. I want to try to succeed as much as I possibly can with as little use as possible. I know the pros and cons. And I’m not saying I will do this tomorrow. I’m still waiting for I don’t know how long.

I wanted to put the “18 years old” in because I wanted to help you guys understand more on my situation. I have done my research and continue to do more every day. I’m not looking for people to just put me down for my decisions. I’m looking for advice so I can do this as clean as possible.

But do you understand my situation? How am I supposed to compete against these guys that are pumping themselves full of oil? I don’t want to take huge amounts right away and just forget about diet and training. I don’t want to rely on these drugs for everything I am. I want to take as little as possible.

Man, you also just jump to conclusions. Just read my replys to the other comments. I’m not typing that shit all over again.

You dont worry about what the other fools are pumping into their bodies. Life, lifting, competing is a marathon, not a sprint. You bring the best that you can to the stage and learn where you can improve.

The small amounts that you are wanting to inject are not going to make you any better or stonger than what you can achieve naturally. You are on track for wanting to take as little as possible, but that shouldnt be for another 5-7 years.

Are you only wanting 1 cycle? That will be pointless in the long run. You will shut down your natural production for minor gains if any at all.

I honestly dont think you will find 1 single person on this forum that would recommend that you start any type of cycle for ateast a few years.

IF you decide to go ahead anyways, go get blood work done first. Get full work up. That way you have a baseline then you can make a somewhat informed decision.

EDIT: To be honest I don’t even use high dose amounts of Test because I know my body isnt ready for it. I only run TrT at the most of 200mgs per week. I have never went over that amount. Because I have listened to the guys who have experience in this area. I am 41 and have learned the hard way about rushing the process or over indulging.

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I’m 38 and I’ve never done steroids, so i can’t give you any advice on which ones you should take or not take. I’m only giving you advice on what you should think about when asking for advice. More specifically, I’m encouraging you to make certain that you understand all of the reasons people will give you for not doing them. I’ve seen both adults and kids your age take steroids, ride high for a few months, maybe even a few years, then fall off for whatever reason and sink into a pit. You don’t want to be that guy.

I didn’t put you down, but if you want to feel down about your decision, that’s on you. If you’ve got it in your head that you’re in a competition with other people on steroids for whatever it is you’re competing for, well, maybe steroids are the right choice. Who am I to say?


I suggest waiting a bit longer, practice doing what you would do for a show just to see if you REALLY have what it takes. I’m not telling you to wait longer due to your age, I don’t know if there’s a difference between an 18y/O cycling and a 25y/O cycling but I do know you probably have a healthy, functioning endocrine system that’s currently at its peak (get bloods anyways, always interesting to see where your body is at. if you do happen to have a TT of sub 300 then go see a doctor, but it’s super super unlikely, there was this one 19y/O who thought he took a PH contaminated supplement (he most likely didn’t) and was complaining he was shut down, he got bloods, his TT was like 1400+ and his FT was well over the ref range, just putting that there because it shows how high a teenagers hormonal status can be, if you’re like that don’t even THINK about picking up a needle lol. Anyway the risk we don’t want you taking is the chance of fucking up your natty T production and needing lifelong TRT. we aren’t trying to be dicks (at least I don’t think we are), we do care though, and if we can stop another poor soul from being on lifelong TRT at a young age then I’d gladly help, I’ve been on TRT since I was 16, totally unrelated to AAS, just shit luck, and I was the last person one would think would somehow acquire hypogonadism (had precocious puberty), the thought of being reliant of a needle for the rest of my presumably rather short life is SUPER appealing (just kidding, it sucks to think I’m never going to be able to function normally without serious chemical assistance). Another issue I worry about with people starting AAS is if they’re aware of the potential development of cardiac dysfunction, the potential cardiovascular effects of AAS are the scariest of them all, although testosterone seems to be pretty safe on that front, nandrolone seems to be pretty cardiotoxic. Choosing to use gear at a young age when you have a fully functioning endocrine system at its peak is a very big decision to make, I can’t make the decision for you, nobody can, choose wisely, is this REALLY what you want? I understand the want to be a professional bodybuilder, it’s my dream (however it’s never gonna happen for me lol my joints/body in general is fuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkeeedddd)

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Thank you for the comment and for everything. I just know what one of my major goals are and I love the competition. I would love to go pro, but I know for a fact I will never accomplish this without the help of AAS. The way I have come to see it, like with everything, as long as you don’t extremely abuse something it’s not going to be this big bad ugly thing and have all of these downsides that everyone sees. Those that get these extreme negative affects of AAS are those that abuse it and start out at 500mg of Test and take two or more compounds their first cycle and rely so heavily on AAS. They are fucking their body up extremely bad. I know if I have this goal to go pro, I will end up hopping on within the next few years. When I said I am 18, I didn’t mean I am going to take them at this very moment. I haven’t decided exactly when I am. I just know it would probably before I get to my early-mid twenties. So either way I am taking them at some point between 18 and earlyish twenties so does it really change anything between those ages?

I don’t really max out much anymore, like I said. I am more into bodybuilding than powerlifting so I don’t really care how much I can lift. More about the contraction of the muscle and building a nice, symmetrical physique. But this is what I can tell you:
Height 5’11’’
Weight 170
Body Fat 8-10%
Bench I know I can do 225 for 5 to 8 reps… don’t know exact max
Deadlift I don’t really do anymore, do more rec pulls. Not really worried about it since I can build and asthetic back without and less chance of injury. But probably around 400 with straps

Man, you’re giant for your age. I started lifting when I was 19 @ 5’9" 145. I’m extremtly glad I waited till I was 27 to do my first cycle. I was pretty consisten over the last 9 years. Had an off year hear and there. But otherwise going hard. I’m now 27 @195 10Ish%. I look better than 99% of my peers that blasted when they were young. They all stopped lifting. I’m not saying that will happen to you. But you’ve got a TON of test in those young nuts of yours. Let them do their thing.

another guy that think he can get bigger, without getting stronger on the big basic…

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Yep as above, get much stronger. The majority of the all-time top guys Arnold, Ronnie, Levrone, Yates etc were bull strong on the main lifts as well as doing a good amount of contraction/volume work

Lots of info on this site on how to steadily get lifts and overall mass way up, no gear needed.

Thanks man for the comment. The only reason why I have been thinking about going on cycle is because I want to compete. And I want to do well. I don’t really see a point in competing if I’m not trying to win. And I don’t see myself even placing decent without atleast a little help from AAS. If I didn’t have a goal in competing, I wouldn’t hop on. But I have an actual reason for wanting to. I don’t just want to so I can get big, ya know? Thanks again for the comment man.

Majority of the all time greats also have been through millions of surgeries because of training so heavy for so many years. Yes, Ronnie will always be a legend but he literally gave his body to the sport. And I never said I want to get huge. I never even said what category I plan on competing in. I have never wanted to compete in mens bodybuilding. That is just not my body type and not what I want. I don’t want to become that mass monster. Never do.