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18 and Steroids


No, not me, this is for all you tards out there.

There have been 2 posts today about being 18 and wanting to take D-bol.

No. You can't do it.

No. It's not safer than test.

No. If you weigh a buck fifty you can't take it.

No. If you work out "When i feel like it" you can't take it.

No. If you "just don't like eating that much" you can't take it.

Fuckin' stop it. Do some research first. I don't even intend to take steroids for a long time if ever and I know plenty. Why? Because it's a part of the sport of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

You guys are idiots, and before the third or fourth 18 year old decides he's man enough to ask which cycle he should run he oughta read this and and not post, thus reducing the idiocy on the internet a little bit.

And don't come here and disregard and disrespect the opinions of the members that have been here A LOT longer than you. Some of these guys were lifting when you were born.

That is all.


can a brother get an amen



I think we should be booting anyone under 21 if they hint at taking steroids. We don't ever want to be the site on the news headlined ......

"The website that helped teens juice....."

The stupidity is amazing with some of these kids. They want in 30 days what it takes 10 years of strict lifestyle to build. It just does not work that way.


Anyone on here that is requesting information on the juice should post a picture and have some what of a training regimine currently in place. There's nothing more agrivating than looking through here and seeing some of the "cycle information wanted" posts by Erkle and Alfala, that just want to get swole for Spring Break. Complete dumbasses, they should be disbained and forced to live on Brokeback Mountain,



I have a suspicion that some of these mouth breathers are the same poster under different names.


and a second amen...


well, you can look at it this way too....if the advice they gain from this site causes even one of them to decide against using steroids, its worth it. IMO this is a site that only tolerates the educated and safest use of steroids, and supplements in general.


18+Steroids=Dumb\Bad Idea
I am 18 also, and I am doing research about it but wouldn't even think about using until im at least 24 or 25. Just my 2 cents


I have been training for 23 years and am starting to consider them. Just my 2 cents


It's like 15 year old girls getting breast implants.


LOL. To quote South Park's "Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society" episode:

"Look. Us plastic surgeons have one philosophy. If we can help someone's self-esteem a little, then why not do it if they have a thousand dollars?"


i'm 18 but i'm taking steroids cause i'm competing on an international level but if i wasn't competing i wouldn't have juiced.idon't recommend steroids to anybody, especially teen -agers


Wow, that is fucking crazy. When did you first start taking them/for what gains? Why? I am 24 and just beginning to remind myself how pumped and rapidly I would grow when I was 14-18...


I hope it was worth it, because there is no promise your natural hormonal levels will ever reach a mature normal state.


I say we just let them. Don't bother responding, they're just going to go to another BB site and get help, anyways. Ignore them, let them gain a few lbs, lose some BF, get popular in school, maybe make the football team, then end up shooting themselves in the face when they crash after 12 weeks of dbol tabs.

There's no helping a teen who has set his mind on something, believe me I know. Cocky male teens are probably the most stubborn people on the planet.


Hey Im 17 but I would never pump my self with some steroids. That's cheating I started working out at last year. When I first started I curled 10 pounds max (10)reps and benched 40 max (12) reps. I was weak and skinny.I weighed 90.

A year later. I max out Curling 55 pounds and benching 155. I only weigh 112. The point....No steroid use, just determination.


Im glad you got to 155 on your bench you pussy.Clearly my friend you can make some gains going natural but come to my world of prof atheletes and try it.Pop your mommas titty out ya mouth and recognize where ya at man.



Shut the fuck up.


Yeah d-bol is wayyy too popular amongst us these days. Whatever though, its their body. Im glad none of my friends take that shit. So stupid...well, until they are like 50 and even need it. Then it still problably isnt even the best choice at all.


so can you curl your BW biscuite? how about benching your BW+40%?

way to go general