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18 and Quitting Cycle After 1 Injection


Ok my stats are 5 10 182 lbs and 8% bodyfat. I couldnt get any stronger or bigger for the last year so i decided to take a cycle to break this plateau. I was constantly changing my workout every week to break this plateau, but nothing worked... I researched and researched for months and months, discovered the ins and outs and finally ordered all my gear.

During the time my gear was coming in i changed my workout to VERY low reps and HIGH weight. Im talking about 10 sets of 2-3 reps. I did this for a week ( still eating like a monster 8 meals a days 50g of protein each meal plus around 70g of carbs a meal)

I did my first injection today. I injected 150mg of test e on my right quad
I went to the gym and i noticed i got ALOT stronger than last week. I know it wasnt the test because it takes weeks to kick in. So my low rep thing was working for me. I dont really need to cycle anymore

My question is, I have only done one injection. Do i need to run my PCT? Or am i good to just quit. Also do you think i did any damage with just one injection? (I also did more research about how young i am and it scared the living crap out of me)


Well, I will say that you're dumb as fuck to order all your shit and just quit.

That being said, I think it was a smart decision to quit. So you lost a bit of money, oh well. You're only 18.

YES, you are fine after only 1 injection @ 150mg. You don't need a PCT. I'm assuming you got blood work prior to starting because you did tons of "research" so if anything seems off in a month or so, you can always go get blood work again and assess any changes.


Lol. You will be fine.

This is another reason why we tell you young guys to hold off AAS. You can make the best gains of your life naturally and by the time you cycle, you will have enough knowledge and experience to reap the full benefits. Chances are, if you are plateauing, it's a problem with training methods or diet, which you've just found out on your own. Figuring shit like this out is part of the journey.


You are fine.

Don't be afraid to eat some more and lift heavy. If your stats are actually real you have plenty of time to bulk this winter and cut from 12-13% back down


I wouldn't call you dumb for quitting its honestly a smart choice and I don't think you are out of money as the gear is not going to go bad any time soon. Store it and use it in a year or so.


My blood work showed up at 449. Thats fucking terrible... im rethinking to continue this honestly now


I got my test levels back at 449... Thats low as FUCK for my age. Honestly considering continuing this cycle


No it's not. Test levels vary tremendously. You may be at 700+ at a different time of day, for all you know.

You're undereducated. Please keep in mind that this isn't a decision to be so nonchalant about. If you're unsure (which you obviously are) you shouldn't do it. We're talking about a potential lifetime of needles. Are you sure you're ready to commit to that?

Right now you're well within normal levels. And you said you're making progress in the gym. What happens if you decide to do a cycle, and the PCT doesn't even bring you back to the 450ish level you're at now? You're ready to be on prescribed TRT for 70 years? What happens if you go on TRT and can't afford your prescription? Then what do you do?


Yeah your right... Thanks for the advice. How logn should i wait to start cycling? Like a year or two from now?


you should wait until you're ready to accept the potential consequences I outlined above, as well as many consequences I didn't mention. You want to get married and have kids? There's the potential for steroids to affect your ability to do this. It's mostly anecdotal evidence, but it's out there. I certainly wasn't going to use anything before my son was born.

Bottom line: It may be in a year, and it may be never. Just remember, you can never go back.


You say that once you start you never go back. What if i was just only to do 1 or 2 cycles then stop? Like seriously just stop with a strong mind.


You can tell yourself that, but in reality you're probably not going to run 1-2 cycles. It's kinda like putting in the cheat codes in a video game.


It's not about quitting with a strong mind. It's all about your ability to naturally create hormones. You are young. If you train correctly you may easily gain with proper diet for years before you finally max out your genetics.


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thats fucking perfect and dead on.



Excellent point







You don't get it. I'm not saying that once you do it, you're gonna run a billion cycles (although you might, based on what Reed said.) I'm saying that once you've done 1 cycle, there is the possibility that your hormones never go back to what they were before that cycle, and you can never be 'natural' again. Steroids will always be in your past from that moment forward. Many people regret this. There are members in these forums who sincerely regret using at the young ages they did. I'm saying you can't undo your actions, so it's wise to take them seriously.


Reed- that was absolutely beautiful