18 5'7 170





Looking solid!


Thank you!
any weak areas that you think are obvious?

you look good man, keep it up! wish I woulda started much younger. Lat width jumps out at me as far as “weak areas,” but like stu said you look solid on the whole. It seems like you’re into PL, and as far as that goes, I wouldn’t worry too much about weak areas since it’s not a sport that is won based on symmetry.

18 years old? Really?

Lookin good.

Yeah, everything can stand some more size, but I think we all could take that advice as well. Lats? Always a plus if they’re larger. Tris? again, a plus if they’re larger (make your overall arms look beefier). At your age, you’re doing amazing.


Impressive especially for your age. Your traps/delts look real thick and solid.

As far as obvious weak areas I would say posterior chain.
In your 2nd pic if you cover up right above your lower back
and than uncover it becomes apparent that your posterior chain
is underdeveloped compared to the rest of you.

I’m most impressed by the Billy Madison poster. KNIB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES!

pecs could user a little more beef, seem small compared to your arms. lookin tough tho, good job.