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18 5'10

Never looked at my flexed lats until today and to me they actually look kinda good// what about you guys? > Yes im cutting so no need to comment on love handles!

Nice whats. Your routine?

A-hole post retracted.

Join date + number of posts + this post = Troll. Disregard.

Thank god for the reassurance that you are cutting. Because thats exactly what you need to do, you muscle man, you.

Solid back bro, don’t listen to the haters.

[quote]Cuso wrote:
I too am a noob, and am proud of the gains I’ve made to date, but please consider that this thread is for advanced (or those who believe to be) bodybuilders who would like to have their physiques critiqued by their knowledgeable peers.

This critique is meant to be more of an information exchange as to how to improve individual elements of a bodybuilder who may or may not be preparing for a competition…[/quote]

Eh. If the thread were for intermediate/advanced lifters only, the rating scale would go from like 5-10, not 1-10. ya know? Everyone’s invited here :slight_smile:

I’ve seen way worse on here. does OP deserve a rating somewhere around 2 or 3? yea probably. But so what? That’s actually exactly what this thread is for. OP wanted to show off what he considers to be a pretty sweet wing span, and we’re here to tell him he’s got the lat spread of a 14 year old girl.

That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t feel like he can post. He’s not giving out bad advice, just displaying his physique. no harm no foul.

Ya, you’re right. I gave him a 1 for bravery.

I will give you an accurate rating when you post at least the required pics. Maybe some more info/stats.


Good luck cutting bro!! Keep up the hard work