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18, 5'10", 210lbs. New to Bodybuilding, Tips/Class Suggestions?


What does “looking for pointers” mean?
How long have you been training?
What’s your diet like?
What class do you plan to compete in?(Bodybuilding, physique, classic physique?)
Will it be a tested or non-tested show?

You have a solid base with good sized legs and front delts. Your back has good thickness and width. Your biceps are very full and match your front delts.

You could do to work on your lateral and rear delts, triceps, and upper chest. In every pic you can see how your front delts “overpower” your upper chest.
I would hit traps hard as well.

I’m sure you would do well with the proper diet.

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I’m not a huge BB expert. But I noticed the shoulders too. It looks like your slouching in that second pic because of the shoulders.

Looking good. Now to get from where you are to single digit body fat before you compete. Good luck. Lots of preps to learn from on this site.

Generally looking good, solid base of back and legs.I would work on arms as slightly lagging beheind torso.

As above depends what division you’re thinking of - Physique you could do a cut and jump in straight away. BB you need to add quite a bit more all over.

Read a bunch of Paul Carter and John Meadows/Mountain dog articles in the tnation part of the site -great resource for BB…

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My bad, I shoulda been more detailed in the title. And thanks for the suggestions, i’ll keep them in mind.

Actually, right now I’m a freshman in college playing football. One of my teammates told me that I had some pretty good genetics and that I should compete on the offseason to make some extra cash. So all I do is the training w/ my team, and that’s really been the only way I’ve worked out since high school. In all honesty, I’m pretty new to bodybuilding.

But as far as diet, I really just eat whatever from Popeyes, Panda Express, and Subway. My schedule gets pretty hectic so I just pretty much eat what’s in sight. I just make sure I get in at least 3-4 meals a day with good amounts of protein to gain size for the season.

But as far as weight class, I don’t really know, do you have any suggestions?

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind cutting down. Actually, In the first picture, the after photo I was about 195, the rest are 210 and above though. But I see what you’re saying. I’d just have to start a good diet.

If you look like that from a hap hazard diet and your training is not specific to bodybuilding I’d definitely say you have outstanding genetics

As far as competing to make money I’m not so sure about that. I have quite a few friends that are competitive physique or bodybuilders and it is not really lucrative at all after you consider the costs involved. From my understanding it will cost more than you could earn but don’t hold me to that

If you’re going to compete do it to challenge yourself. If you want to build a career in the industry think long term

What are you taking in College?

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Thanks for the info man, I’ve always liked bodybuilding but have never really thought about actually competing in it though. But I think it would be a good backup plan for the future though, or if I really just want to challenge myself like you said.

My major is Computer Engineering, but I’m just taking my general courses rn.


It’s not something I would pursue while also playing football.
Football you’re training to be functionally explosive. Bodybuilding you’re trying to look strong.
Football - you train movements
Bodybuilding - you train muscles

But you could probably do very well in the future.

Football burns a lot of calories ha.

For weight class: It depends. You could do Classic or Regular bodybuilding. Not sure of your waist size so can’t really make a true assessment.

You don’t make a lot of money directly from bodybuilding. It can be monetized through social media, personal branding and other ventures…but yeah, I wouldn’t try to do it for the money.


My honest take on this: competing in a football offseason: awful idea! Contest prep is miserable and for the latter half of a prep done right, I don’t think you will be worth a shit athletically, no matter how skilled you are. Towards the end you are working on fumes!

There is no cash in amateur bodybuilding.

You will likely need to compete as a middle weight for your first show.

My tips: THIS, should be your main focus, ABOVE ALL ELSE discussed here while you fit football in too of course.

Continue to lift in all this and compete in your early 20’s. That’s my take for your age and situation.

But you should compete considering you look VERY good and you have great genes!


You looks good dude, but like stu said, bodybuilding isn’t something you wanna do in the off season. Especially at the college level. Spend that time getting faster and stronger for the in season. If ou are serious about bodybuilding you need an in season and an off season. Have you ever been to a show? Those dudes are a lot leaner than they look. It takes a TON to get to that point. Mental and physical stress just like football.

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