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18 3-pointers

Well, last night I witnessed something that I never would have expected. I’m playing in a rec basketball league with some friends. It’s pretty low-key, but it is definately competitive and we have a good team.

Well, last night, some dude on the other team dropped EIGHTEEN treys on us (not to mention several lay-ups because you are playing in your face defense to avoid giving up the three, which makes it hard to not allow the drive). Fade aways from 25 feet away, pull-up J's from 30 feet. Honestly, it did not matter where he shot the ball from. I think he shot like 85% on the night.

Overall, a very humbling experience, when somebody drops something like 75 points on you. Oh well, you smile, tip your cap to the guy and look forward to your next game.

Owww. There’s absolutely nothing you can do when a guy is having a night like that. I’ve never witnessed anything like that, but I guess all you can do is watch, really. I wonder who he sold his soul to for that.

It’s called double teaming. I assume he’s not as fast as Iverson or as big as Shaq so it probably wouldn’t be too hard. If that fails, “accidentally” take him out with an elbow going up for a rebound.

You got torn up…

Yes there is absolutely something you can do, you tonya harding that bastard in the F’n Shins! Man, sorry to hear that.

Yeah, a little flagrant foul action came to mind, but this ain’t the NBA finals or anything. Anyways, we tried the double team and while this slowed the guy down, his other teammates were hitting almost as well from behind the arc, they just weren’t shooting as often. Overall, a very humbling experience. Had a great workout the next day though :slight_smile:

Was this a zone experience for him? had you played him before? thats some outstanding shooting. Would hate to think that this is normal for him.

if you took out the guy whos on fire, out of the game, a big brawl might ensue, which imo is generally not a good thing especially in certain scenarios.

Taking someone out of a game like that is the pussiest way you could have dealt with it.

Never played him before, but how could it not be a “zone” experience. Anyway, I hope to play him again and next time, I’m guarding him :slight_smile: rather than the big guy. Time to hit my conditioning and rope work a little harder until playoff time.