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18-19 Inch Arms w/ 7 Inch Wrist?


Can you build 18-19 inch arms on a 5.9 (7 inch wrist) frame?? Oh with around 12-14% BF

Just wondering, thanks for all help guys!


The only way you are really going to know if YOU can build 18 - 19 inch arms is if YOU go ahead and try to build 18 - 19 inch arms.

So chuck the calculator and get to it.


True! Do you think its possible naturally dude? Cheers.
- I 've gone from 14.7 - 16.5 after 12 months training if that is any potential indicator.
Thanks dude


To the OP, this still applies, regardless of your last response to it.

Could we accurately predict your potential if we had unlimited amounts of perfect data on the entire human race regarding arm and wrist circumference, training time, age, exercises used, diet, lifestyle and supplement strategies?

Maybe, but even then there will be exceptions.

And we'll never have that data.

Let's do ourselves a favor and throw out the notion that potential can be accurately predicted.

Furthermore, it's in our best interest to take the ideathat predicting potential is useful, set it on fire and piss on it. Because as soon as you go down that path, you place limits on yourself - and that type of mindset is not conducive to getting truly astonishing results.


Sure, makes sense, so i guess i'll just work my ass off and see where i get this time next year!!

Thanks for your informative posts and advice, i really appreciate it.



The most important thing is consistency. Train hard on the basics, eat enough to support growth and yes - you can likely build 18 - 19 inch arms naturally.

Consistency and patience is the key. Good luck. : )


I have 7 inch wrists and my arms are 15 right now. Do I think I can only get another 3-4 inches on them? Hell no... I'm 5'7 and I think if I train hard enough, eat enough and so on, there is no reason why I can't get 20 inch arms if I wanted it.

  • im 5'9, w/ a 7inch wrist, and my arms >>18inch

So yes, its completely possible


My wrist = 6.5" and my arms are over 18" and still growing. Top that, lol


Now that's what I call impressive and rare. You're back and actually everything that I can tell look great in your avatar. Not in a "ghey" way. Not that there's anything wrong with it.


Well my wrists are only 2.5 and my arms are probably 22's at least so suck it!!




Awesome! Thanks dude, how long do you think it will take. I'm 16.5 now?

Cheers for all replies guys!


To get 18â?¢


It'll take as long as it takes. Steroids, food, and exercise will all help a lot. For now, start eating


Oh yeah?? Well I cut off my fucking hand.


Im a tad under 7" wrists, arms over 18".

Definatley can be done and is not some amazing unatainable feat


Among other things, many of those formulas don't really take into account genetic variation (e.g. genetic strong points), plus, they are usually applied to contest ready individuals, or at least at the leaner end - so results will be off for those who've not had to lose muscle by dieting often.

One of my "training" partners who hardly ever trains, and who's diet is terrible, maintains a reasonably solid 230-245lbs naturally (about 6'10"). He gets accused of taking steroids all the time. Honestly, this guy trains like 2-3x/week for periods, then spends MONTHS out of the gym. He comes back after a lay-off and is only like 20lbs weaker on his lifts! (me and my brother joke about this all the time). His calf muscles are around 18-19" big (striations and all), and all he does is walk (no sport, no direct training for them)...now if THIS guy put 110% into it, he'd be a natural monster and far exceed the formulas.

I can only imagine what he'd look like on drugs lol


Wouldn't the piss put the fire out thus potentially preserving part(s) of the idea? Wouldn't it be in our best interests to set it on fire, wait for it to burn up completely, then piss on its ashes? ...you know, to decrease the wildfire hazard? Remember: Only you can prevent forest fires.


It'll take as long as it needs to. Eat, train, and you'll grow.