18, 130lbs, 2 Months Lifting after 7 Years Running

Looking for area to improve. I’m just starting to lift, but I’m wanting to get bigger/stronger. Any advice/critique is welcome.

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You’ve only been lifting for 2 months. The area you need to improve is time and compliance. Keep training.

And if you’re trying to take photos for the sake of physique assessment, get better lighting. Your current lighting is creating a LOT of shadows, which, though it creates the appearance of greater muscular definition, also makes it hard to actually see your body. Find a well lit room, stand the same way in your photos, and take them from the same distance.


130lbs at what height?

Thanks for the advice


Unless your name is Jim Ryun, you probably weren’t much of a runner after having done it for only 2 months. And unless your name is Ronnie Coleman, so too with lifting for that amount of time.

Advice: Pick a training regimen you enjoy, don’t miss workouts, and come back in 2 years (= the “time and compliance” mentioned by @T3hPwnisher).

I think you misread the title, I previously ran for 7 years and became very accomplished in the sport with personal bests of 51, 1:59, 4:24. I’m now looking to expand into different things, like lifting. Despite the negativeness in your response, I appreciate your reiteration of the other posters advice.

What did you weigh two months ago?

115 lbs

Excellent. Like the guys are saying, time and consistency are key. Keep doing what you’re doing and you should end up in a good spot.

Do you have an actual goal? “Bigger/stronger” isn’t a goal, it’s just a general idea.

No, I read it correctly. But apparently my point wasn’t clear, so I’ll reiterate it more explicitly. It is ABSURD for someone who has been lifting a paltry 2 months to post pics and inquire about “area [sic] to improve.” All your area need to improve.

BTW, kudos on the excellent running PRs. Tell us, did you set them all within 2 months of beginning your running career?

Suggest you read the definition of the word any before using it again.

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Hoosierxctf…? Hoosier…xctf ? By chance are you from Indiana?