18, 1+ Year of Work, & 140 Lbs Later

This is me less than one year ago.

I hope that jersey is flame-proof.

I’m assuming there’s an “after” picture on the way.

This is me now at 212 pounds.

Pictures are crappy, but amazing job regardless. You really lost 140lbs in a year?

You might want to post better pictures if you want a proper rating, as per the rules.

People need to show some patience. Allow at least 15 mins before you start with the smart ass comments.

actually ive been working out for almost a year, the weight loss was only five months, yes i lost 140 pounds in five months. oh ya those pics are kinda old, gotten leaner and more cut since then

jesus brother, great work. I lost 70 pounds in a summer when I was real heavy, don’t think I had 140 to lose but I mean this just shows people that its totally possible. You did a great job man, really inspirational. What did/do you weigh? How about some lift numbers, jw?

wait so you actually werent predestined to be fat? and you lost the weight with hardwork? great scott, this changes everything!

lets i weighed 350 pounds, and got down to 207, then i got up to 220 in muscle, now i currently am in a cutting phase and am down to 212. I lost so much strength, but now im a beast again, i bench about 265, squat 425 (raw olympic no belt) and deadlift im guessin somewhere in the mid 400’s or even up to 500

That means you lost about a pound of fat every day for 5 months. Insane!

What did your diet look like?

Wow, very impressive. Nice work!

holy shit fool thats effin amazing…
you lost almost what i weigh!! :0
screw those peeps that hated on you!

i was on a low calorie diet, anywhere from about 700 to 1000 calories a day.

Breakfast: small bowl cereal, or oatmeal

Snack 1: some type of meat, (usually deli)

lunch: Usually a sandwich

Snack 1: some type of meat, (usually deli)

Dinner: a cooked meat, chicken, beef etc.

Nice work man. And awesome deadlifting picture.

Nice work man. And awesome deadlifting picture.

Inspiring stuff. You must have some amazing discipline and work ethic.

GREAT JOB. 140LB in 5 months. That is amazing, you look good.

What grade are you?

Also my question, is 1st picture obviously shows football player.

Did you play at the lighter weight? How was your football at the lighter weight?

holy shit, 140lbs gone in 5 months? fuck eating clean im just going to pig out till im like 300lbs then do some crazy shit diet for 2 months and be ripped with huge calves

Good job, now don’t go back!