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17Yrs Old Blood Work: Low T, Low T3


Hi i just turned 17 and i did blood work to see my thyroid panel, estradiol, total test, free test, and shbg.

I currently take resveratrol and stinging nettle which help to lower estradiol and shbg so those seem to have an effect but i am concerned about my low t3, tsh, free and total test.

SHBG - 18, range is 10-60 nmol/l
Testos Male - 228, range = 185-886 ng/dl
Free test % = 2.3% --> 53, range = 38-173 pg/ml


T3 Total 0.83 L 0.87-1.78 ng/mL
TSH 1.14 0.34-5.60 uIU/mL
T4 7.65 4.50-12.00 ug/d

DHEA - 272 Range = 88-483 ug/dl
Estradiol = <20 , range is < or =47 pg/ml

Ive been taking ipamorelin+mod grf-129 at 100mg twice daily for about a month.

HGH is supposed to increase the conversion of t4 to t3 so idk why t3 is so low.

And DHEA is normal aswell as estradiol so i'm not sure why more of it hasn't broken down into testosterone.

My diet also consists of good amounts of fruit, grass fed meat, coconut oil, greens, some salmon.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this subject, thoughts or theories, ways to increase natural t.


Are you wanting to increase your testosterone based off the lab results or how you feel overall?


^Good question again. This man knows what he's talking about.


Thats pretty low. Mine was 274 and considered low test, but I was too young for them to treat it.

One of my older friends was put on TRT with 275 ng/dl


You didn't workout before those tests were taken, did you?

BTW, we aren't doctors in here. Well, some may be, but I'd take most advice with a grain of salt.


...and most doctors are woefully ill informed on the subject of testosterone and hormone therapy. I would be much more inclined to listen to BushidoBadBoy, Bonez, BigSkwatta or some of the other steroid vets than some GP who hasnt read anything about testosterone in 15 years. Spend 5 minutes on the TRT forum and this will be readily apparent.

And the other guys, how is he supposed to know what it feels like to have normal test levels if hes been low his whole life? That's just ignorant.