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17yr Old High School Baseball Lifting Log

Hey guys,

So I’v been lifting for two years (seriously for 8 months) and I decided to start a log to keep myself accountable with my workouts. I’m 6’1" 185 and am just trying to get as strong as possible for the season that starts in April.
205lbsx1 front squat
315lbsx2 Dead lift
bodyweight +35lbs x2 Neutural grip chinups
65lbsx10 DB bench press

I will be doing 4 workouts per week (two upper, two lower) with extensive mobility work before and during my workouts (I’m really tight and inflexible).
I’m excited to start this log. First official workout will be a lower body day tonight

We have a section for logs, I can tell you are a fan of shoulder friendly exercises (you must when playing baseball) how much are you rowing/other back exercises?

Workout Tuesday 2/12/13

Lower Body
Lb mobility work/ dynamic warmup. yoga morons were in the way of my warmup. had to shorten the distance of my warmup drills.

Box Squats 185 3x5 165x6
Form felt good. Didn’t go that heavy today
Reverse lunges
110lbs (55 pound dumbells) 3x8
115 3x10 felt good. Kept spine neutral. I was happy about that
Anti rotation cable chops (not sure the exact name, it targets your “core” whatever that even means)
Vallslide ham curls 3x12 these are tough. harder than they look
Ab work

Comments: solid workout. Everything felt fine. nothing spectacular. My hammies are gonna be pretty sore tomorrow form those RDL’s and Ham curls. Next workout Wednesday (tomorrow) upper body.

@DSSG You’re right about shoulder friendly exercises I’m working at a ratio of 2 pulling exercises for every 1 pushing exercise. My favorite rows are face pulls, single arm cable rows, TRX inverted rows, TRX y’s and reverse cable fly’s. I keep the volume pretty high and intensity low for these exercises.