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17Years Road to STRONGMAN

Hi I am freshly 17years old boy from Czech republic who wants to be a strongman some stats I am 5´11´´ 210Lbs my RAW maxes are
SQ: 484LB (belt and wraps)
BP: 253LB
DL: 497LB
(my weight was 198)

Today was my first events training I will train evenets once in 14days and after some time once a week… so today´s training was:

Farmers walk
3x15mx231 (each hand)

Tire flip
warm up with 440
very hard need to learn technique better

Log clean
bet :stuck_out_tongue:

Sand bag carry
1x10mx132 + 1x10mx176
220 was too heavy for me :frowning:

Sand bag clean + press
2x0x176 (only clean :confused: )

I am weak as motherfucking hell damn must work hard to be better!!

Feel absolutely free to write me here I want to learn as much as possible next events training I will post videos so local strongmen can help me with proper technique :slight_smile: