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17y/o, Don't Want to Get Big. Should I Do 5/3/1 Beginners or Cardio Only?


Im 17yo and im 181cm and 76kg. Like Im not skinny nor fat. Im normal but i could be bigger or skinnier.

I dont want to get big. I dont feel good being big. I want to be skinny and light because i dont feel good by being big. But i want to get muscular and strong because im weak as fuck

Idfk what to do. 5/3/1 for beginners training or do like cardio only almost + pull ups,dips and alternate between doing deadlifts/squats and overheadpress /bench press and maybe back row

What do y’all think?

What’s your goal?

So you dont want to big big but you want to be muscular? Please explain.

As far as how big you will get, that is highly dependent on how much you eat. (Caloric intake) For example, assuning you are new to weight training, you could most likely eat in a slight caloric deficit and still add muscle and look leaner than you currently do 6 months from now. My suggestion is do some research on diet and nutrition and start eating something around 2500 to 3250 calories a day. The exact will depend on how your body reacts to food and training. As far as weight training, you should definitely do it. If new, I suggest a simple upper body / lower body split performed twice a week. Just research workout routines that emphasize compound movements so you can build a foundation and get the most out of starting fresh.

Based on the minimal details, you’d probably be fine doing almost only calesthenics mixed with minimal weight lifting and keep in a few running or jumping based conditioning sessions a week. You could run a 5/3/1 variant where you do the main lift and calesthenics for the accessory work.

If you want to run 5/3/1, definitely invest in the book(s). I know money can be hard to come by when you’re under 18, but they are worth the money and will last a lifetime.

I don’t know where this place where people seek to be skinny and strong is, perhaps it is next to the place where people try to be athletic with no muscle size but I do know it’s not here.

You should find a forum containing people who have achieved the goals you have laid out. Here, the only people who have goals like that are the same people who have zero results.


I dont know. I having trouble picking a goal. I dont want to get too big because im afraid of gaining weigght and being too big and fat. But I want to get strong as hell because i want to stop being afraid of ppl that are stronger and because i just want to get stronger because it makes me feel good

This needs to be your main focus. Pick a goal, then come back to us for advice on achieving it.

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This fear is akin to saying that you don’t want to learn arithmetic because you’re afraid you might get a PhD.

No one ever accidentally got too big. It takes a LOT of effort.

If you just train, you’ll get as big and strong as you want to be.


You have to be specific strenght is specific a guy having a 2000lb total on their powerlifts is strong at lifting a barbell that doenst mean he wont get hes ass kicked by a black belt or a pro UFC fighter lifting half of that. You want to stop beeing afraid of people who are stronger at what?

@tigermd I was in the same boat as you. Trust me, you won’t get “big” as long as you have your calories in check. Getting “big” takes longer than you think. We’re talking years and years of training and eating.

Easy fix. Learn how to fight.