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17a - Pills Harder On Body?

This pills are harder on the body stuff that everyone says, you know the whole “first-pass” stuff, can anyone - ANYONE, show me that this would be factual? I mean the drug has to be fully metabolized right?

I could believe an arguement for more steroid being utilized by injectable, but less stressful on the body? I don’t buy it and have never seen one single study or empirical support for it. I know that 99% of the populous says so, but knowledge seems to dictate otherwise.

I know this might kill most discussion, but I don’t want to here that it skips the liver on the first pass because I am not interested in the effect the steroid has within the first several hours, rather by the time the steroid is 100% metabolized, does it really cause any less stress on the body.

I might be thinking this whole thing through wrong and would like someone who knows to set me straight either way. Thanks

It’s easy to find studies/information showing much greater potential for liver toxicity from orals. There is however, only vague proof from studies showing that they cause damage when taken anywhere near sane dosages.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I’m not quite 100% on what you’re asking, probably because it asn’t very well written, lol.


Good. So it’s not just me.

I did poorly write this question.

I’m trying to ask about steroids like Winstrol that are both injectable and oral while both being 17a methyl. I would think that by the time the steroid has been 100% metabolized and cleared from the body that the negative effects would be the same, but that was only because I was thinking the liver was going to be the only way the drug was broken down.

So for the sake of arguement, let’s just look at Winstrol and the health differences between Injectable and Oral.

Okay, well, from what I understand steroids that come in pill form or injectable form are the same.

But, generally speaking, the injectable form of a 17a is slightly less harsh on your liver, but it keeps more of a constant strain on it. There fore, a pill would be harder on your liver, but it would pass quicker…?

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