1710 Test Levels

I started feeling weird the couple of weeks after 4 great weeks on TRT…ive been mixing and matching to get dialed in again but I asked my doctor for blood work the day after my last injection of 200mg Test Cyp. he told me it would be a little high since it was only 1 day after my dose but it was 1,710 which i wasn’t expecting that high. Is this normal?

Why on earth would you test one day after injection, especially at 200mg a dose?

This tells you virtually nothing.

Do your test 4 days after shot not next day , unless youvwant dosage lowered. What is mixing and matching any androgens will add to test count.

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Have you read these?

Please inject T twice a week and take AI at the time of injections.
Do labs always halfway between injections, not when visiting the doctor.

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thank u