170 Pounds, 21 Y/O

I’ve been training on and off for about 1 year. Started at 160. My workouts are always geared towards metcon type stuff.
Started eating a lower carb diet in the past 2-3 months, but still succumb to binges often.
I was wondering if anyone could help tell me my bodyfat % approx. and help tell me of any muscle imbalances, if any, are present.
Would also appreciate any advice on the weakest aspect of my physique and what i can do to improve. Thank you for any suggestions!



I’d suggest getting that mole on your chest checked out.

Muscles imbalances? Try building an appreciable amount of muscle before you start asking us to tell you your weak points as currently, everything is a weak point for you.

With that being said, what are your goals/current lifting stats/detailed diet so we can actually help you.

Oh and without a shoe present in the photo I can’t accurately deduce your body fat percentage. Rectify this problem…

Wheres the Lats? Your back looks the same width as your hips! Everything needs improving. But we don’t even know what your goals are? How can we advise you? Mabey you just want to look like Prad Pitt in Fight Club…in that case I’d tell you to put another ten lbs on and work on you back/shoulders/traps.

Then you could retire. But if you seriously want to put on muscle, then you need to hit the weight hard for another couple of years and eat like a beast. Deadlift and Squat! Work on those Lats! Do weighted pullups…if that don’t work, then try some fertilizer!

My current weight is roughly 170 and height is 5’8. My current lifts are pathetic, deadlift at 230 max, squat about the same (the bar hurts my back too much any higher), and my bench is at about 200 max. I switched over to metcon type workouts after trying to increase all the lifts i just mentioned by doing sets with weights that i could push only 4 or 5 times-hoping to improve my strength. Unfortunately my lifts increased 5 or 10 pounds and then just came to a dead end. I tried doing weighted pullups, single leg stuff…etc. hoping that i just needed some variety or there was an imbalance stifling my progress. nothing helped.

So my goal would be to increase my strength–be the strongest i could at my weight (give or take 5-10 pounds). The pics i posted are after a big meal, so i usually look leaner, that’s never been a problem regardless of what i eat. The muscle, however scant, that’s on me has always been there, way before i started working out-only problem i have is getting it more defined.
Any help is greatly appreciated =)

Good goals mate, and well done for taking it upon yourself to get stronger. The fact your progress stalled could be for a multitude of reasons, but fortunately you have the benefit of heaps of great programs written specifically for people in your position.

I’d suggest getting your hands on Mark Rippeto’s ‘Starting Strength’ which you could pay for as an e-book, or god forbid, download for free.

Nothing good is easy, so accept it will take a good deal of hard work and at least 12 months before you achieve some of your short term goals.

Go and make friends with the beginners section and benefit from some of the experience of others.