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17 yrs old, 170 lbs, Amateur


how much body fat does it look like i have? i know i need to improve alot, but just trying to get some feedback!


more pictures needed to evaluate


13.69%, without a shoe for scaling purposes I can not guarantee a more accurate measurement


[quote]ebomb5522 wrote:
more pictures needed to evaluate [/quote]

hmm of what? sorry im completely new at this.


[quote]goham6425 wrote:

[quote]ebomb5522 wrote:
more pictures needed to evaluate [/quote]

hmm of what? sorry im completely new at this.[/quote]
there is a STICKY for a reason…


[quote]ebomb5522 wrote:
more pictures needed to evaluate [/quote]

Yep. Drop the phone and pick up a shoe for the best guestimating


a shoe…? O.o


Converse high top are best.


Read the rules. …


goham this is a community like any other, just more full of testosterone and manliness. you cant just jump in all willy nilly without regard for the rules and hastily posting sideways poor quality cell phone pics of you with no wheels and expect a a body fat guestimation. go read the rules for the particular sections you are going to post in or don’t waste the time or server activity posting because the testosterone here leads to smart ass remarks and sarcasm.


Looks like 13.69%


[quote]Hallowed wrote:
Looks like 13.69%[/quote]

Give credit where credit is due, I used my deductive abilities to come to that conclusion first you costume wearing trollop.


boy, to wht i look, i like, sincerely you are on the right path :wink:


In the sticky it states that if you require body fat % you must hold a shoe. Holding a Converse high top as JFG pointed out will actually give you a lower body fat %.

Just shitting mate, one of the most epic threads on T-Nation was all about some dude wanting to know his body fat % and for some reason he was holding a shoe. If you have several hours its a damn good read and laugh.

But read the sticky mate.


can we get a picture that isnt sideways