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17 Yrs Od, Deca and Sust Cycle 5 Weeks 1ml per Week


Hello im new at this and im 17 years old have 5 ml of sustanon and deca of each and provieron ! I wanted to know opinions and consecuences please dont insult me or anything ive been reading a lot just wondering


You’re way too young. Thats all there is to it. Plus 5 ml isnt enough for a decent cycle. At 17, your test levels are at their peak. You are risking shutting down all that natural production for a shitty short cycle.

Just eat and lift. Focus on your compound movements, eat 4000-5000 cals a day. Get lots of sleep and LIFT!!


No. Seriously. Just no.


you’re 17. you should be banned from this board immediately.


No… never touch this subject again… ohhh God!


eat food, pct with water


For gad’s shake,you are 17.How long have you even been training?


If you’re going to run it then I may as well throw my 2 cents in.
At 17 you are not fully developed so you are not risking 2 or 3 months of shutdown. You are risking permanent HPTA axis damage. If you are not seeing results it is simple, eat more. If you decide to run it despite all of our info, just run the test. I DO NOT RECCOMEND THAT AT ALL!!! Just saying, don’t touch the deca. I’ll bet money you still have nipple rocks, and deca would not mix well. Stay natty for now, train hard. Eat big. Sleep more.