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17 yr Old ?'s Just Starting


Hello T-Nation community!

just looking for some advice maybe you guys could help me out with a few questions i have.
135 lbs :S

im going to start lifting, i dont have any past workout experience, looking to gain ALOT of weight and muscle mass.
well my first question is, that im strongly considering taking an illegal substance because i cant seem to gain weight, at all... here is an example:
one day i was FULL all day, i must of ate 7 times. got very stuffed after each meal. at the end of the day i weighed myself and i had lost 6lbs. i seem to stay between 129-135 and i know this is very sad for being almost 6' tall.
maybe i have low testosterone levels (i think i do, personal reasons. pm me to talk) I need serious help and will take any advice.. any help would be greatly appreciated .. my MSN is ..

PM me

maybe someone could hook me up with a routine or something.
also I have a deformed CHEST and dont know what to do about it. i talked to a surgeon about it and they say it is cartiledge. i dont know what to do about it. it kinda sticks out in the middle of my chest and it doesnt look very appealing. maybe someone could point me in the right direction there.

thanks for the help (add me)


maybe you need to eat more for a longer period of time..?


If the picture you are painting is right, that is your sternum. It will appear to stick out because you have no muscle mass on you. I am sure you can see your ribs as well. Eating 7 times a day for one day is not enough. It is also WHAT you eat. It is also about being consistent and eating well all day long. There is a thread here started by a poster named "Vroom" that goes into details for beginners, however, you have to understand this simple concept first...you are skinny because you don't eat enough, period. Regardless of what you think you eat like, it is not enough. That has nothing to do with your testosterone levels and everything to do with you learning just how much dedication it will take to add body weight.

List your diet for that one good day when you ate well.


Here is Vroom's Beginner thread:


Eat eat eat, you gotta be a moron to try steroids when you are 135lbs.

Even if you only do 60% of the things right, you can still look forward to gaining of good 10-20lbs in a a few months.



First peice of advice: you might want to take anything that Prof X says with a microscopic pinch of salt. Instead, look to the high class people such as myself or Mr Jong-Il. We will guide you in the ways of bodybuilding...me being a professor of Biophysics in Oxford and him being a Professor of Physiology at MIT. You need to a eat a shit load and you need to sart working out in order to actually gain weight. I would say to seek advise at your local gym from a high quality personal trainer who will instruct you on how to lift properly without injury.




Holy Shit, LMFAO


Jesus Christ that was funny...

But on a serious note. Eating hard for one day and not seeing results?!?!?!

C'mon man...If you're getting into the weight game you better damn well learn this FIRST...IT TAKES TIME!!!! How on earth can you expect to see changes in one frigging day? Also there's no way in all hell that you should be thinking about ANY illegal substances until you've been hitting the weights for about a year and a half to two years. The only supplements you might want to look into are proteins and creatines...If need be, your caloric intake could go up to 4000 a day and that's every day.

Eat all you see....lift everything you can.....and sleep like a baby....Do this for at least one year. (that's about as simple as it gets)


im 5'11 and 185,i was 135 a year ago,and 150 before summer started,i put on 35lbs in a few months,so if you take care of your diet and jus lift the biggest thing you can,BOOM,you'll start to look in the mirror and smile