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17 Yr Old Nick Wright: 2 Wins in a Row!


Hey guys, I have finally finished dieting after 3 and a half months. Many of you have been following my progress through out these last couple of shows. about a month ago I posted some pictures of my self 4 weeks out from the OCB Rhode Island Natural, May 23, 2009. I won the Spirit of America, and 5 weeks later, won the Rhode Island show as well (this past weekend). Here are a couple of ictures from the show.

Thanks again for the support of everybody on here. It is much appreciated. I will not be looking into becoming an MC at a few shows over the summer until I compete in the fall again.





Congrats dude.


youre cut up brother, keep up the good work! what diuretics did you use to dry out?




Thanks man. I did'nt use any diuretics other than the basics; Vitamin C, 90mg Potassium etc. All the typical vitamin cabinet suppliments. Other than those I did not use any commercial diuretic.

The key is to drink a LOT of water the week leading up to the show, WHILE keeping Carbohydrate levels, as well as sodium levels moderate/up. I had a sweet potatoe with every meal except for breakfast, and post workout which I had Oatmeal for the fast burning effect, and the last meal of the night was exempt from carbs.

I did not cylce sodium either since sodium is a solute and causes water retention. Bottom line is not so cycle or cut out anything. Keep everything consistant and moderate. I drank a full 16 oz. bottle of water with every meal during the week out and one bottle in between meals to flush out all the water and fill up my muscles. Then cut water at about 6 or 7 pm friday night. The Viatamin-C and Potassium simply flush out your system by allowing you to go to the bathroom more frequently.



Great quad developpement and decent bicep size for you age, but that's about it...

I don't really see why you are competing that early. Please don't take that remark too personally though. I'm not in your shoes so I won't judge too much.


Uh, he WON 2 shows. Obviously he was ready.

Congrats, Nick. Onward and upward, young man~!


LOL. Agreed. There is a big difference between this guy and those guys who state they have only been training for 4 months and are getting ready for a show in June even though they look like they just started working out.

Congrats on the wins.

It looks like you have good genetics and work ethic for this. Now it is just time to put on more size.


congrats dude =] with your genetics + work ethic combo you gonna be yolked

P.S. whats 16oz in ml ?


roughly 473






Very impressive bro! I agree with the Prof on this. If you've got this level of quality at your age, as long as you don't let it hamper your continual progress, you're in for a great ride. I'm also impressed that you kept the carbs and the water up. I know there are so many schools of thought on final week manipulations, but personally, I gotta go with the opposite approach (although I'm sure individual insulin sensitivity plays a key factor in which method will work best for each competitor).



No you're good man, about the first statement.


Well, the water aspect is key, to load up on water, and then drop it all together the night before. But yes, different people respond to carb levels differently. It is usually the more ectomorpic people like myself that can take and generally NEED the carbs up to a show other wise we loose size, which is'nt our strong point to begin with. The only problem with carb cycling (which I do leading up but not the last week) is you usually end up with spill over. But judging by your picture, you seem to be dialing your conditioning in pretty perfectly so keep at it.



Oh, and here is a some what better quallity picture, this shows off my conditioning a little better. I finally had some striations in my glutes and ham tie-ins. There should be better professional pictures eventually floating around on-line, and mags etc.


Good luck dude, you're gonna go far. How much are you planning on bulking before you compete next. I'll be keeping tabs on you dude.


Thanks man, I am shooting for about 170lbs by the time I begin dieting again this fall. (Remember I am only 5'7").