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17 Yr. Old - 300 lb. Overhead Squat PR


Darian Barnett set a new 300 lb. PR for his overhead squat at a body weight of 165 lbs. and 17 yr. old.

He did this last year at a body weight of 198 lbs., 16 yr. old and did 295 lbs.

He has since dropped over 30 lbs. and has added 5 lbs. to his OH Squat. So far he's on track with his training this year and should be ready for the Europa Powerlifting meet in April 2011.

His goal is to compete in the 161 lb. class and break the current APF records.

See his OH Squat PR here:


Impressive. But if he's doing a powerlifting meet I think there are far more productive exercises to be focusing on. Like I said though, impressive.


That's pretty cool. I think a vid showing one of the big three would have a little more to do with powerlifting. Looks like a natural squatter though.




He still has about 4 weeks left on this training program before we test his squat, bench and deadlift. This was just for fun yesterday.


nearly double BW overhaed squat, impressive.




If he's that young and already has that good an OH squat, why not try some O-lifting comps?


Overhead squats dont really carry over to powerlifting... get that kid in an oly lift comp...

watch legs though, his base was really un stable, 300lbs falling down = no fun


He has trained the snatch and clean n jerk for the past couple of years. He likes them for the speed and explosiveness it gives him on his other lifts. As for competiting he enjoys powerlifting more than oly lifting.

This just helps to mix up his training so he doesn't get bored. Plus the lifts are great for speed, explosiveness and core strength.


So then what are his numbers? What do you think the carryover will be?


Current weight 165 lbs.
Squat 450
Bench 290
Deadlift 500 lbs.

He's only 4 weeks into his 8 week training program. He's hoping to be back at his old numbers from when he weighed 198 lbs.

Squat 512
Bench 308
Deadlift 551


Not trying to argue, but really want to know why you think there would be no carryover?


I don't see it being anymore effective than heavy goodmornings.


Sounds strong man. Can't wait to see some vids.


He still has about 4 more weeks on this training program. At the end we'll test him and also take videos of his progress.

You can click the links below to see his past traininig videos and competition videos.

2010 APF Meet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czv1pr1_SSs

315 lb. Push Press: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBLuDesgQfU

SWFL Strongman Competition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlQAvG6T_PQ

280 lb. Overhead Yoke Carry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQRF-F0swHE

440 lb. Farmers Carry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak0myPCRcLg

511 lb. Yoke Carry 50': http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID5hjN-bZJ4


that is one of the most impressive things of anything i have ever seen




Hell yea. Why doesn't he stay in Strongman.


He has more records he wants to break in powerlifting first. In April 2011 he competes in the APF meet at the Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Fl. He wants to break all 4 records (Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Total) in the 16-17 age group and 161 lb class.

Then he wants to gain weight, go up to 181 lbs. and break the records there too. Once he's done that he might try Strongman again. He still trains using strongman lifts. We have a full set of stones from 200 lbs - 318 lbs. and a 215 lb. Yoke. We do truck pulls/pushes and other types of strongman training. He likes doing these to break up his powerlifting training. This way he doesn't get bored.