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17 YO-Would Carbolin 19 Be Helpful?


If you don't want a background of where i'm at right now, skip to the bottom for my questions.

I turn 17 in a few days, and I am not happy with my body. I have been lifting, training, and eating well for a year now, and thanks to you guys have made some good changes to my body. I got some decent strength gains, mainly in lower body. I had some strength but I was really fat.

I am 6 ft 1, I was 226 lbs but I dropped to 190 within 2 months (me currently) after I was sick of being fat. I went from 26 % body fat (according to a scale) to 17 % (according to same scale), so I am happy with my progress there. Unfortunately, at 6 ft 1, 190 lbs 17 bf%, im not exactly ripped, nor am I anywhere near big.

I know if I keep trying to lose fat, I may reach a point where I can see my abs, but I will be very small and weak. I want to get stronger still, but I am not happy nor will I be happy with the body fat I have on me, no matter how strong I am. I have been fat my whole life, im sick of it. So im in a crappy spot, where I really want to add size and strength but hate having this fat on me.

Right now im doing 5/3/1. I have been reading around trying to find if there is anything out there (supp wise) that will help me reach my goal of low bf%. I am normally a patient person, and approach weightlifting the same way, but I really want to get to a low bf % and still be getting stronger while im doing it.

Anything I use would be only used until I reached the level of leanness I want, then I would go back to using nothing but food and try to maintain my leanness and improve muscle mass without supps. I don't use anything right now, other than Surge, Flameout, and once in a while a protein shake. I read up on Carbolin 19, and it seems that would help.

Seems like a dumb question since every teenager I know takes steriods or testosterone boosters (im not kidding), but i'll still ask it. First of all, would Carbolin 19 be safe for a 17 year old to take?

Next, does Carbolin 19 work as well as advertised? Will it really help me lose body fat while still gaining muscle? Once I get to the body composition I want and I stop taking Carbolin 19, will I be able to keep my leanness and strength levels the weeks after, provided I have my diet and training in check?

Finally, would I need to take the full 4 capsules per day, or would 2 per day work fine?


Carbolin 19 shouldn't even be on your radar at this point


I can't imagine Alpha Male/Carbolin 19/tribulus to be anything out of the ordinary. I'm sure they will boost test levels, but it won't be anything past medium high levels. The best thing you can do is really fine tune your diet and training.


and perhaps time. OP is only 17, if he's implementing stuff he's learned from here already, he's light years ahead of many of us


1) As an official position that in general is a very sound one, most of our supplements -- those that aren't a form of food -- are not for those under age 18.

This is because generally there is no basis to say that there may not be some difference in the case of those younger that we don't know about.

2) In this case personal opinion is that you could reasonably do it, as forskolin has been around as an herb for a long time and has an outstanding safety record. It must be the case that very many teenagers under 18 have consumed it already, in that form.

3) With regard to TheBigV's point, Carbolin 19 isn't principally a testosterone booster.

4) Yes it would help.

5) However, you've been successful in losing fat already while being effective in your training. And at your age, I really don't think you need it.


don't skimp on dosages if you're hoping for results. You should also take a look at HOT-ROX Extreme.

Wait a minute.. you probably do want to manage your dosages with HOT-ROX because it's quite intense. That has Carbolin 19 in it anyway and would be much more effective for losing fat.


Thanks for the reply's guys. I know I can get the body I want without any supplement like Carbolin 19, it's just that I also know that I am still years away from reaching that point. Plus it is hard to stay away from stuff like that when I look around my school and see guys that are stronger then me because they are taking steriods/test boosters/whatever else they take.

The only reason im really looking into using Carbolin 19 is that I am a lot happier when my body is in a better shape, so using something that would speed that process up would ultimately make me happier faster. In the end though, I don't think im going to use Carbolin 19. I'm hoping to get the results I want without it.

I'm still not sure what I want to focus on at this point (lower bf% or more muscle mass) but im leaning towards getting stronger and trying to keep fat gains low, or even lose some fat. I'm playing around with my diet and am implementing some new ideas into it that should help gain muscle while at least preventing fat gain.

Stuff like more carbs in morning, bigger meals in the morning compared to night, no eating a couple hours before bed, keep carbs lower in the evening. Hopefully by doing these and with a good diet and the 5/3/1 I will be able to add muscle and possibly lower my bf%.

On that note, how would I judge my progress if my goal is more muscle but less fat? A scale wouldn't really be effective then since I would presumably be losing fat and gaining muscle, no net gain in weight.


The mirror.

You're at a great age to start. If you're doing 5/3/1 and implement some HIIT while dieting right, you should be able to gain size while dropping body fat with no problem. The only experience with Carbolin 19 is through HOT-ROX, so I couldn't chime in on that. I used HOT-ROX along with some strict dieting about 6 months ago and I was able to go from 205 to about 190. Not only did I have very visible abs, but my squat and bench numbers actually went up. And it felt like I was eating way more than normal.