17 YO: Low T3, Low Test, Low TSH

Hi i just turned 17 and i did blood work to see my thyroid panel, estradiol, total test, free test, and shbg.

I currently take resveratrol and stinging nettle which help to lower estradiol and shbg so those seem to have an effect but i am concerned about my low t3, tsh, free and total test.

SHBG - 18, range is 10-60 nmol/l
Testos Male - 228, range = 185-886 ng/dl
Free test % = 2.3% → 53, range = 38-173 pg/ml


T3 Total 0.83 L 0.87-1.78 ng/mL
TSH 1.14 0.34-5.60 uIU/mL
T4 7.65 4.50-12.00 ug/d

DHEA - 272 Range = 88-483 ug/dl
Estradiol = <20 , range is < or =47 pg/ml

Ive been taking ipamorelin+mod grf-129 at 100mg twice daily for about a month.

HGH is supposed to increase the conversion of t4 to t3 so idk why t3 is so low.

And DHEA is normal aswell as estradiol so i’m not sure why more of it hasn’t broken down into testosterone.

My diet also consists of good amounts of fruit, grass fed meat, coconut oil, greens, some salmon.

I would greatly appreciate any help on this subject, thoughts or theories, ways to increase natural t.

Wrong test for E2, not sensitive. <20 is a rather useless result

Do you use iodized salt? Iodine in your vitamins?
Do you feel cold easily? How has that changed/progressed?
Any issues with skin/hair/nails?

We give doctor hell for treating lab results and ignoring symptoms. You have to tell us a lot more.

Read the advice for new guys sticky for a start.

We see guys with trashed hormones from over training and/or extreme/starvation diets.

You need to test for LH/FSH, TSH, fT3, fT4

DHEA does not break down into hormones and conversions are not spontaneous.

Are you using HGH? Is this the tip of the iceberg of missing information?

  1. I used himalayan salt, it has naturally occurring iodine.
  2. I dont typically feel cold, i’d say nothing in terms of body temp has changed.
  3. No, my skin is pretty clear, nails grow fast and are strong, hair grows fast aswell, no flaking or hairloss.
  4. No nervousness in any situation that doesn’t warrant anxiety.

I have never used HGH, only the peptides i listed.

I feel this may be useful.

I tend to feel the muscular weakness/ exhaustion every 2 hours or so before i eat, i monitored blood glucose, my blood sugar never drops below 75 and this i attribute to a fluxuating thyroid during the day perhaps.

Thank you for letting me know the estadiol is no good, i will ask for all the tests you suggested!

only HG peptide boosters that work are injected

repeating: You may be over training, that can trash hormones and you seem weight obsessed on the WWW while trying to grow taller.

To maximize GH feeding response, you need to have some carbs and proteins. The carbs digest, glucose and insulin go up, as glucose is forced into cells and drops, insulin drops, and by that time, you are absorbing amino acids from the gut and serum amino acids are increasing, these factors trigger GH release. Any carb loading at the wrong time can blunt that response. If your glucose levels and insulin are always low, that may interfere with feeding response. If you have the wrong kind of hunger, you will be using amino acids for energy, not growth or GH triggers.

Some trigger GH with amino acids nicely, others not. No way to tell. Glucose/insulin still applies.

Eating every two hours may be time smearing GH feeding response stimuli.

You also need T for long bone growth and you are right in wanting to keep E2 down as that closes the growth plates. Early puberty and rapid early growth typically leads to shorter stature.

Yes some mineral/rock salts contain iodine, but might not be sufficient. Iodine is iodine, it all comes from natural source one way or another unless from a nuke reactor as a fission product.

I would not connect thyroid and glucose levels.

T3 is worrying. Check waking body temps, record and report. Some of the things that you are doing might be interfering with T4–>T3 conversion.

DHEA is low for your age, should be high. We see guys doing things like you who push their cholesterol too low, that messes with steroid hormones. Your DHEA is low and should be high. Eat beef steak, eat eggs, eat cheese, fish oil, nuts and 5-8000iu vit-D3 per day, oil based caps.

Your DHEA and T is low. E2 is somewhere low, but relative to your low T might be some estrogen dominance. T production rates might also be somewhat rate limited by low DHEA levels. Read this:
Your pregnenolone may be low. Test that too.

If you have cholesterol numbers, post them.

I think that your primary focus need to shift to your HPTA and not be height/weight obsessive.

I take care to get 8 hours of rest, i eat a diet consisting of about 160carbs, 300g protein, 100g fat. I usually end up with about 3000 calories a day. Why would you think i’m weight obsessed? i’m not sure how you figure this.

I inject 100mg mod grf-129 + ipamorelin 2x a day, morning and night.

I eat a a big serving of turkey, salmon, lamb, chicken, veal or beef at lunch. And another big serving at night. I don’t think dietary cholesterol is an issue here.

I also take a good dose of cod liver oil from a reputable source that contains naturally high levels of A and D aswell as omega 3.

My DHEA came back mid range or so the blood work reports.

I am not obsessed with height or weight bro, yes i would like to be lean strong and tall but i’m not doing a wacked out restrictive diet or calorie intake to achieve this.

I thank you for your suggestions, but i am doing a lot of what you believe i am not. Lifestyle and dietary wise.

  1. i Inject 100mg ipamorelin and mod grf-129 (2x a day, morning and night empty stomach)
  2. I have my smoothie in the am, add in greens and fruit mix, raw undenatured whey, coconut oil. 2 hours, spike blood amino acid with peptopro, 20 minutes later eat a turkey burger with cashew butter. 2 hours later ( 4 cups greens, 1 cut of meat (turkey,lamb,beef,veal) or fish. 3 hours later, train -->i do a Surge type drink with pepto pro throughout and after. → Dinner 1 hour post workout = 2 cuts of meat, big serving of greens.

totalling around 140 carb, 250g protein, 100g fat.

  1. I pay attention to my weight but more importantly i make sure i maintain enough macronutrients, micronutrients, and calories.

  2. With all the salt from the burgers and used on the greens i think my iodine should be good but i will have it checked

  3. DHEA looks fine according to the blood tests, it was 1 of the only normal things.

  4. I consume cod liver oil from a reputable source, it contains a large amount of A and D aswell as omega-3

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this, i’m waiting for a connection to a good endocrinologist who can run all the necessary tests.