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17 YO Football & Track Thrower Bulking Up


I am a 17 year old and i play football offensive line man and i also throw shot and disc in track. I am lifting evry week and would like to bulk up and gain more muscle. I need to know what suppliments to take. Any advice thanks!

  1. Food
  2. Food
  3. Food

Supplements do not dictate whether you bulk up. Eating a calorie surplus does. I know many supplements are extremely popular in highschool (all things, even illegal) but if you don’t eat it doesn’t matter.

Also, if you say “but I eat I ton but don’t get bigger” then you’re not eating a ton. It’s that simple.


Eat everything, seriously. Which is like the greatest thing ever.


If you want more suggestions–


Thank you for the advice my football team started training again about 8 weeks ago I gained 10 pounds going from 265 to 275 and I also increased my core lifts by 100 pounds. I do not really have a diet i basically do eat whatever i see around the kitchen. Any diet plans i could follow that would be healthier than just eating anything.


If it says ‘chicken’ and the ingredients list anything other than ‘chicken’ probably don’t eat it…
The less processed the better man. A quick glance at the ingredients can help you out, if its full of numbers and codes stay away from it. Also sugars will keep you fatter than fats ever will.
A real basic guide for building mass is a 2 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein, So if you have an average steak with 25g protein, a cup of brown rice should have about 55g of carbs. Then just make sure you get plenty of vegetables and drink heaps of whole milk.