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17 yo almost 18 with low testosterone

Salutations all my fellow T-maggers. I’m a 17 turning 18 in september, with low testosterone levels. I have experience with using tribex to jack up my T and it works. However, since I cannot use it on a daily basis I need to find a way to keep my testosterone levels in the high range all the time. For some reason, I just cannot function with these low levels. Some of my symptoms include: increase of negative emotions, less of a sex drive/interest, irritability, slowed beard growth, difficulty in gaining muscle mass… the list goes on! What can I do ?

Before you go getting your test levels checked, have your doctor check your thyroid. I went to my doc with similiar symptoms and it turned out I have a slow thyroid. Usually if your thyroid is not properly functioning then your other hormones can be skewed also.

Have you had a blood test that revealed low T levels? If so then your physician should be able to work with you. If not than you should consider getting one done. There are so many things that can influence T levels it would be difficult to tell you what to do. For supplementation purposes you could try cycling 2 weeks of “M” and then 2 weeks of tribex and continue doing this indefinitely.

you are too young to be having low test problems way too young. If you are trying to gain lean mass eat PROTEIN and do LOW REPS HIGH WEIGHT, i am 19 used to be 123 now i am 165 with 5% body fat, if i can u can

In reply to these posts, I had two blood tests done for my hormones and the endocronologist told me that my testosterone levels were in the low range but within “normal”… and as for my estrogen levels, they were on the higher side of “normal”. However, these aren’t normal for me as I would like to enjoy my manlihood for as long as possible and I’m trying to put on loads of muscle… HELP!!


Have you tried asking your endocrinologist for help? If he doens’t think it’s a big deal to you than he’ll be less inclines to help you out. Give him a call and ask him what you can do. Tell him you feel like shit, your girlfriend left you because you couldn’t get it up, etc. If he won’t help you out than take a copy of your blood test results and go see another dr. who maybe will help you.

Try Kelly Bagget’s suggestions. Also, keep in mind that the ratio of testosterone to estrogen in the body is just as important as the amount of testosterone itself. Using M would probably help you suppress the estrogen, which would mean a better ratio for you… and probably would give you close to the results you want.

hmmm it is possible, work with what you got

I’m in my late twenties and have had T probs al lmy adult life. Always overly emotional, weak, tempermental etc. VERY frustrating. I tried Tribex and that worked initially but I fear too much converted to estrogen (possibly) but when I added the M its been the first time in my LIFE I can remain calm in pressure situations and also not lash out at people constantly. Also not cry so damned easily either. Man that sucked like hell! Who the hell says testosterone causes “rage”. Seems too much estrogen can too.

I know what you mean, cloak. I would like to get tested to see what my test/estro levels are, but that just isn’t financially very feasible at the moment. I store a lot of fat in the lower body area, and I have a “pretty” face… if I could get a little more “butch” I’d be ecstatic. I’m also fairly short-tempered. I notice that when I use tribex I get pimples almost immediately, and I feel a little better… but it still is a little expensive if you need it all the time.

Does anyone know if M has been shown to decrease estrogen levels in men over the long term, if they have naturally higher levels of it?