17 yo 595 Deadlift

This is my son, age 17 and a shade under 220. He’s competing in the AAU Raw Nationals in RI next month. Best lifts are this 575 deadlift, 555 squat, no wraps, and a 315 bench.

Just wanted to brag a bit. He holds three APA age group records and the national AAU squat, deadlift, and total in the 220 Raw division.

Wish him luck at the nationals.

Awesome numbers. Best of luck.



Thats amazing man, good luck to him, I’m with caveman, jealous as hell. Post some videos of the meet if you can.

That is great! I would expect his bench to be MUCH higher compared to those other numbers but still awesome for 17!

Awesome!! Very impressive for just 17. Best of luck at nationals. You must be proud.

Hope he goes all the way to be a champ in his sport. You have every right to be proud.

Oh yeah, well I can curl 165!!!11111111

Hah, In all seriousness you should be a proud ass dad, guy is a fucking monster, and looks athletically huge, has good proportions should he ever want to go into bodybuilding instead. Great dedication and mass, always shows a dedicated dad with a home gym.

Great lifting and lots of potential. A little bit of form work and hes got a 600 pull in him.

[quote]Randizo wrote:
That is great! I would expect his bench to be MUCH higher compared to those other numbers but still awesome for 17![/quote]

Perhaps he has very good leverages for squat and deadlift and less outstanding levers for bench.

Sure adds up to a damn good total.

Pete’s been training only 2 years, and his leverages are great for squat and deads. He has a lot of potential and really studies form. He’s had 3 competitions and at each one he’s sought out and received great advice from some great lifters- help from Brent Howard and Al Bianchi, both were one and two at the deadlift competition at this years Arnold Classic at 242.

If you are training a young kid the best thing to do is have him enter some meets. For the most part older lifters are very helpful to younger kids and a kid can learn a lot about form, training, etc and get a lot better than lifting with poor form in a basement. filming workouts has also been a huge plus as well. Hopefully bench numbers will go up. Yesterday he did 3 strict reps with 300 so that’s a good sign.

Wow that is a really strong kid. Im actually more impressed with his squat, to be honest.

Good stuff man…kick ass in the Nationals Pete!!

Peter competed in the AAU 100% Raw Nationals today,winning the teen 220 division and getting 2nd in the men’s open. Lifts were 551 squat, 330 bench and 595 deadlift for a total 1477. Good lifts for such strict rules and lifting only 2 years. He’s put almost 100 lbs on his total in 2010, lifting at home and videotaping a lot of his workouts.

If you are training a teen competing is a great incentive for their progress.

- YouTube Deadlift

- YouTube Bench

- YouTube Squat

I’m a teen and I’m definitely using his lifts as incentives. Of course, I’m not 220 (181), but they’re all awesome weights!

thats some awesome lifting. as another 181 i can’t hope to compare, but i take inspiration from this.

Great Work!!! Keep Rock’n

That is really impressive. Awesome to see such a strong father-son relationship in such a positive manner. Good luck to the both of you.

Still at it: That’s 545 on the bar.