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17 YO, 1 Year Training


1st pic 1 year ago
2nd pic recent


1st pic 1 year ago
2nd pic recent


1st pic 1 year ago
2nd pic recent

height of : 5'8
Weight from 135lbs-->168lbs

DL : 180kg 1rm
Bench; 90kg 5rm
Squat; 135kg 1 rm

thats all, thanks guys


nice progress.

Now go eat, train, repeat. Post again when you ave gained at least 50 pounds more muscle mass on your frame.


Your legs look pretty big for your bodyweight...thats great. Now keep going!!


Your legs look pretty big for your bodyweight...thats great. Now keep going!!


No offense, but whats with the major acne? I mean dude, if your taking 'roids at your age then what the hell! You don't look much different, at your age you don't need to... I know guys your age taking them in my area in England mainly stuff like xtreme mass fx and various other anabolic supplements... They're my size and this is after using this shit. Maybe your genetics really suck or something I don't know but personally I know I can hit at least 180 before I need to even touch the things. I wouldn't even bother until I'm mid 20s.

Anyway I'm real sorry dude if your not... I still give you a 3 would be a 4 maybe 5 without the acne.


He's also 17 and maybe just having some issues with acne?


Apparently the only cause of acne is steroid use...that puberty thing is just bullshit.

On a serious note, keep up the good work bud. Just keep eating and packing on the weight.


Just curious, on your last (3rd pic), on 2nd pic recent, did you oil yourself up?
A++ for effort!

Agree on the legs, good size for your body weight. Keep at it.



I had waaaaay worse acne on both my back and chest.


Yeah but its pretty clear in the before picture that he has acne of the same type in the middle of his chest.

I didn't bust out like that as a kid, but I know plenty of guys who had it as bad or worse.

To me it looks like he started eating and lifting and hes pumped from just finishing a workout, hence the sweat and somewhat noticeably larger size.


Hey, to address on that Acne issue, i am very prone to acne breakouts on my body. Hell, even my arms have them. And to make it clear, i am 100% clean, i don't do roids. I live in the sunny island of Singapore, and the fact is, it is really pretty tough to obtain roids of any sort. The only supplements i take is whey protein and creatine. And yes im 17, and i am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. So its impossible for me to take up any roids you know? Yes, this is all the honest truth. Peace buddy.


Hey man, i had just finished some pullups and chinups. Thats all sweat. LOL!


Yes, acne is the only obstacle holding me back to get a fucking tan. As you can see im as white as a vampire. I just went to the doctor's today to diagnose on my acne problem. Acne is really driving me crazy!


Looking like you're making some progress man, stick with what you're doing.

On the acne thing, I have very severe cystic acne when I was about your age, it really affected my social life/mental health, so thumbs down to bruceleefan, way to bring that up dude. It's rate my physique, not rate my skin quality.

Anyway, eventually I got off to a dermatologist and he prescribed roaccutane (sp?), really nasty, hardcore stuff, a lot of side effects, but eventually it sorted the problem (btw, not all people experience really bad side effects, just my personal experience). I get occasional break outs now and again, but not anything like I use to in my teen years. I really hope that the doc can sort it out for you.

Good luck with the lifting, I'm sure a lot of guys (and girls) on the site wish they started as young as you.

Oh, and what are you goals? A certain bw/lifts/sports performance?


Thanks tassietaekwon, for understanding my plight. Its pretty frustrating at times to be honest.

Hmm my goals would be to have

-200kg DL
-160kg Squat
-buss Bench press plateau,
-Achieve a bodyweight at 80kg, 10% bf.
-And finally, much bigger arms/upper torso.

Wonder is there any exercise to build up the upper torso as effectively as the squat. The squat has been a staple in my training nowadays.


Decent progress and quads are impressive. Keep it up man. There was no need to bring the acne up and start steroid accusations. I am having to see a dermatologist because of it soon and can understand how frustrating it is. Anyway keep training, eating and packing on the mass.


You know, sun is usually a great cure for acne, burns that shit right off.