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17 YO, 1 Year of Training


Front view.


Back view


Side view w/ legs


Besides missing required shots, why would you post this? Eat more, get some size, get stronger than come back in a few years. I never get why people who don't have much to show attempt to get "rated".


Thank you. I practically just want to get in better shape, just as to slim out and get stronger, that's about it. I barely eat nowadays though since dieting and do cardio everyday. On certain days, I do squats and pushups, along with situps.


This is a bodybuilding forum.


Stop doing cardio so much, start eating A LOT MORE. You don't even look like you work out. Go buy Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe, follow the nutrition and training program. Come back in a year to express gratitude.


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I want to believe...


Don't stop believing...


Damn. I wish you werent a kid so I could say some funny shit


i swear with this year's threads i get weaker just by logging on to T-Nation...


Well he sort of has an X


I came here to rate a physique, but couldnt find one.


Good frame to start with. Put another year or two(or three) of hard work in the gym and I'm sure you can make a lot of people here eat their words.


Im too tired to give a big advice post but just do this.

DO NOT do cardio at all not even a little
DO NOT eat low amounts of food or shitty quality foods
DO NOT center your workouts around bicep curls
LIFt well and properly and with lots of volume (5 sets or more each exercise)the major size building lifts such as
Bench Squat Deadlifts Pullups Dips Cleans
IMPRESS your other 17 year old friends with results in 3-4 months

i promise you wont get fat if you do those steps right


Looking good. You on the creatine or what?