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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


Why not just put up the video before putting up a bunch of photos?

You have to be a metalhead to get tattoos?


Always a solid choice. My plan B in case the dragon crossing my chest, along with the Asian proverb that keeps me calm doesn’t work out.


No that wasn’t related to the tattoos. I saw it in his bio


Umm smile now cry later? Get the hint?


Cause it’s a forum. Idk how to do that here.


It’s very ironic you say this. Get the hint? You still dont get the fucking hint. Your too young. Your lifts are not world class. If you keep this road with AAS you will smile now then cry later…get the hint.


Yeah, but are you saying the “roids” made you pick that? Either way, is it something you’re gonna look at when you’re 60, and think “Yeah…I’m glad I got this ink. Gotten me through some tough times.”


My meaning of and rendition of smile now cry later is not related to what it’s original meaning is. I wanted to express the contrast in emotion.


Heading to the gym. Later


Oh so you’re poetic too. Man dude, you got it all figured out.


Oh yeah another kid that we will see in 1 or 2 years in the Pharma section asking about his low libido and no erection issues


Okay, I am not very good at math so somebody help out here.
25+150+5=180x2.2=396? Or 405?


Yeah… those legs aren’t 28 or 30.


Plenty of dudes have body dysmorphia and dont go on juice


Certainly an interesting theory on the matter.

Does work out when taken to the extreme. Get one the day that you die and you probably won’t regret it. And if you do, it won’t be for long.


I legitimately want one of my favorite band across a small portion of my upper back, thus it wouldn’t be visible on a job interview or anything like that. The reason being that my music has helped me through tough times and generally means a lot to me, thus a tat of my favorite band would be somewhat symbolic for me. However it’s a big decision that I don’t think I’m mature enough to make yet.


I feel like people make tattoos to be more than what they are.

“It’s permanent!” well yeah, and so are scars. And you don’t get to pick the design when those happen. I actually got my tattoo on my left shoulder to draw attention away from a surgical scar on my right shoulder. I knew a guy that was a fry-cook that got sleeves to hide all the grease burns on his forearms.

They’re just pretty pictures you put on your body to me. I’d get more, if it weren’t for the fact that some members of my family feel otherwise, haha.


I feel this thread requires GPS.

…Somehow. …Somewhere.


Modern Orthodox Jewish family = if I get a tattoo I’m in big shit due to religious reasons (despite the fact that I’M not religious at all). So gotta wait til I move out and I’m a bit older to make sure it’s what I want


Just found a video of larry wheels benching 535 for a double at 18. Safe to say you will not end up like him.


What the f**k? Finally finished reading this. Sorry guys I know this is shit thing to say but I cant wait to see the ‘I broke my shit, what do i do?’ threads from this guy.
And when that time comes all of you good people will again be here for this kid to guide him in the right direction, although he probably doesnt deserve it being that hes disregarded everything constructive that’s been said to him.

Quit while your ahead kid.