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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


Yep, the comb over is already strong in the picture.

I have a low opinion of the human race in general, so these threads just make me think Darwin.

If I were a nicer human, these threads would make me sad.


His totals have been lies, his measurements are lies as well - I don’t even believe tape pictures, too easy to pinch the tape at the back. He said he had 30 inch quads, got called out and said he has 28 inch quads? Those aren’t 28 inch quads. Just another lie. He lied about a reply limit on the forum, he’s lying to his “followers”, he’s just a small child and a gigantic tool.


Even still, the majority of U18 Junior athletes have no business getting on steroids unless they’re crushing Open Division numbers. THis dude is doing it for social media views.


It was at this moment i realized the kid was hopeless

The best part was he did it while replying lmao


Please enlighten me on why the hell I would lie about something like that and then proceed to address all the points I’m supposedly “hiding” from a few hours later? I hope this happens to you so you can see for yourself.


Social media views? I think I’m doing it more cause I have body dsymorphia like every other dude hoping on juice for reasons not purely performance. And plus yeah I’m in it for the performance as well.


I never claimed to be an elite athlete.


I’ll give him one thing… he’s a persistent little dude! Most would have stopped responding long ago.

Believe me dude. You have no clue who you really are right now at 17. You’ll think you have it figured out at 27 but you won’t. Maybe around 37.


Hope the lesson you learn doesn’t cause too much pain bro


For those saying that my totals have been lies…hold up


For those saying that my totals have been lies…hold up



This is from a meet I did start of jan. Never posted on social media due to exams and plus my numbers weren’t great cause it was a comeback meet after my glute tear. Here there’s a 25kg bar + 3 25kgs each side and a 2.5kg collar. Making it 405lbs. Okay I know many may say that those grey plates are 20 and not 25 but hand on my heart they are 25 and I’ll try to get a screen grab from my bench vid and show you that.



Aah it’s very tough to see but it says 25


What tats do you have (non judgemental) just curious because I like tattoos. I might get a few in seven years from now (later I get them the more sure I can be that I won’t regret them, but no judgement to those who get them earlier)

No point talking about the gear anymore



20kg bar + 25×2 + 10×2 + 5×2 plus two 2.5kg collars = 105kgs.

Hell the announcer even say it on the mic in the video if you wanna see it we can arrange for you to see the video.


There is more than one of you… Oh no


And I thought Testosterone was the only thing we had in common;) turns out you’re a metalhead too.

I have one smile now cry later on my chest (damn tbat explains the roids I guess lol) and two roses signifying love and hate

I got a tiger contained in a cross on my right forearm

I got a pic of my mom was she was younger and a portrait of my first Pitbull on my left forearm


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