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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


@physioLojik What do you think about this kid running gear at 17?

@kuthreyakylo physiolojik is a bodybuilding, Dr. of Endo., that always here to help on the forums.


Never gone as high as that, 250 was the max


Cool looking forward to his response. Also I’m turning 18 in a few days if it means anything at all.


No, it doesn’t. You don’t magically become more able to make mature decisions overnight.

Anyway, I’m grabbing the popcorn for this thread.


I meant in regards to my endo. There’s a huge difference between ages 15-16-17-18-19-20.


I stayed up till 11.30 last night reading this shit. Best thing on the Internet.


My favorite thread from this week.


Even the best Troll couldn’t make something this golden


I guess I can blame this on roid rage now😜


Blushes anabolicly


Is there a thread like this every week? I’m missing out on a lot, then


@kuthreyakylo @newbvet @unreal24278 wait is this a troll or real? If this is real I am totally mind blown.

Kid - your brain is developing - understand what I mean - it is structurally developing at this time. If you use drugs such as you are discussing you will make LASTING and extremely BAD changes to your longstanding physical, emotional, and mental stability. This is not a scare tactic - this is real. Forget the fact that based on your stats youre in zero position to be using drugs as is - I am strictly mentioning this based on your age.


This kid is dumb. Those legs look nice and flabby. I was bigger than you in highschool. And lifted more. I worked my ass off naturally. But go ahead and fuck your endocrine system up.


Kid, you are nothing but a pretender. You are a poser. Looking for that 15 minutes of fame to put on IG or Youtbe. You don’t want to listen to people who have been there and made mistakes. You want to brag about your following. You think you have the knowledge and experience to sell or market training. You’re 17, been working out for a whole 3 years and thinks he is ready for gear. Now you think its cool to blame/joke about roid rage (Even while it maybe in jest). And now a Dr who specializes in Endocrinology has given you a professional medical opinion.

You have been given more attention than deserved with your fake-ness. I will see you in a couple years on the TrT forums asking about protocols or the classic “Help, I only did 1 cycle, now my dick dont work”. Let’s hope it’s nothing more serious. Good luck kiddo and stay in School.


Thanks for chiming in. Bad news is this is not a troll. Good news is you might have a future patient.


Or bad news. That’s gonna be a pain in the ass to fix, that’s for sure.


Literally will be a pain in the ass if he decided to inject in his glutes but there is no fix. He will be riding the needle for life on TrT if he loses natural production.


You’re not an elite level athlete and you only have a 1000lb total.


Elite athletes at his age (18) and weight (200lbs) have 1400 totals and even higher. Just to qualify for a elite national comp he would need at least a 1300 total.


Though your point isn’t wrong, to clarify, guys setting records at 200lbs bodyweight are walking around at about 220+. If you compared his numbers to the guys in the 181 division, it’d be more accurate.