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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


looking good bro, what size are your arms? or rather, what size is your tshirt?


I believe it’s one of those under armour type tshirts, thus its intended to be form fitting

I don’t personally wear them, I either work out in a tank or a t-shirt with a heavy metal band logo.


It’s also possible someone didn’t.

But the choice to use at all (which is what he was discussing in that video) was his to make. And he expressed his view on it, which was the result of many decades of observation and coaching.

And based on his results, worth considering.


not too sure on that bro cos it’s not tight across the midsection.

I prefer to train in hoodys, quite fluffy at the mo, and I need to train with heaps of volume to get any vascularity going.


Thanks mate. I wear a large. This particular T is kinda tight on the arms I guess. My arms are 17" rn, they were 15" prior to my lgd cycle. My forearms were always bigger than my arms tho😅 they are 15.5 inches flexed (all that arm wrestling training)


It’s not a tight fit, cotton and polyester blend.


This is a pharma thread. Got nothing to do with an Ethical compass. Even If I end up looking completely enhanced and then sell cookie cutter programs to naive teens over the internet for a quick buck(I would never do this), it would still have nothing to do with the topic at hand and it is none of your business! So piss off with your lame moral policing:)


He’s the forum director… the big cheese… Are you trying to get banned?


He seems like a mature and sensible dude. I doubt he’ll take what I’m saying to heart.


Also on a side note, you’re my age and on trt. I’m guessing hypogonadism. You’ve even done cycles going as high as 300mg/wk. What makes us so different? Just my potential cycle plans for the future?


One is utilizing medicine to treat a medical condition. Similar to a diabetic using insulin to live vs a bodybuilder using insulin for nutrient partitioning.


Not only that, I’m doing just one cycle and then getting back on my natty test for atleast a year. Also I’m curious, why didn’t you try SERMs like tomaxifen as a long term choice to see if it sparks your HPTA up to normal levels? What made you think that TRT was the right choice at the ripe age of 16?


By saying this I’m implying that I’m probably safer off than you. nothing else.


True but the end result is arguably the same. Other than the fact that my test levels will probably bounce back to normal.


For sure, but what’s nihilism have to do with this?


Look, I’m pretty libertarian when it comes to this stuff, but from a best practices perspective you should know that this isn’t a good attitude to have in life. You will get significantly further in life by simply being agreeable and learning from other people as you go. That doesn’t mean rolling over when someone challenges you, it means simply internalizing some criticisms and attempting to improve your process little by little. Again, just looking out for your overall well-being here. Believe it or not a lot of the guys on here are doing this because they want to help others—for free—and you would be wise to take some value from that. Just a modest proposal.


Thanks for the advice man. I’ll try my best to incorporate it. Never my intention to offend anyone deliberately.


Another good point

This sounds sort of like me right now. And i waited til i hit 315 x 3 natural before adding anything


The point is that you don’t understand that you began your cycle based off bad information that overlooked basic physiology.


Again, it’s how self-promotion works in the fitness world. And I don’t have an IG.

And for the third time, you haven’t addressed the fact that the results you’ve seen so far could’ve been achieved without risking long-term hormone damage by simply cracking down on your food intake. It happens all the time. All the time.


… on Testosterone Nation, where an underlying principle of the site has always been to be a good stand-up guy with a backbone, a set of balls (literally and figuratively), and a brain.

Big picture: One’s ethics and moral compass are always relevant. Guys have started threads asking how to pass drug tests in natural meets and they’ve rightfully gotten shit for trying to be cheaters.

It’s short-sighted, futile, and arrogant to say, “Hey guys, I asked about this one thing so I only wanna talk about this one thing and nothing directed related to it. Just this one specific thing.” No. Doesn’t work that way.

You’re a young kid who asked men for advice, but you’ve been disagreeable, dismissive, and argumentative to anyone who points out the mistakes you’re making. Sorry you’re not ready to recognize the difference between advice you need and advice you want.

It’s literally my business if you’re trying to become some kind of “fitness influencer” (another non-sense term) whose sole credentials for giving out advice and charging for it are “I put on some muscle and lifted stuff”. You had a freaking website set up to sell training programs 3 years ago. Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Whatever your goal in the fitness world is, so far you’re on track to being another unqualified/under-educated blip on the social media radar who gives legit trainers and coaches a bad name.

As cheesy as I may be, stupidity and ignorance are not bannable offenses.