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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


I’m concerned about your health. I’ll also make fun of you a little bit, but for real, you need to be careful. You get one body, don’t fuck it up too soon into the game.


Oh fuck I’m gonna die!!
No on a serious note, I left my friend circle who used to get wasted pretty much every weekend and get high on various party drugs. I feel like teens fuck up their endocrine system waaaay worsee doing shit like that as compared to a TEST cycle with proper pct and a good diet/sleep schedule. I feel 10x better after I left that life. I may be wrong tho.


Thanks for the concern man. I will back down if I feel like I need to.


True, but just because one variable is worse than another doesn’t equate to the other variable being alright.

It’s like me saying “hey, in the short term cigarettes won’t kill me, but binge drinking can thus it’s clearly alright for me to smoke a pack of cigarettes today”. No… It isn’t.

If you have an undiagnosed heart defect and/or congenital heart condition you actually could die, however the chances are slim. You’ve clearly made up you’re mind and unfortunately I don’t think anything we say will deter you thus at this point I believe it’s best for me to dispense advice on harm minimisation.


I’m pretty sure this is a risk for everyone who using testosterone and not just me so you and anyone else who uses roids is viable to this occuring so targeting it at me doesn’t make sense. Anyway I’m sure you mean well so thank you.


This Is a fallacy of equivocation


Anabolic steroids put strain on the heart, someone with undiagnosed congenital cardiomyopathy is at a far higher risk of dropping dead from anabolic steroid use (and the steroids increase the chance of dropping dead in these people significantly moreso than if they didn’t take them). I’d look into getting an EKG (shouldn’t be hard to get) or even better yet an echocardiogram if possible so you can be sure you’re ticker is in good shape.


No we DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNTTTT (imagine someone awkwardly shouting/shrieking at the top of their lungs when the Capitol letters come into play). We use KIIIIIIILLLLOOOOGGGRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMS


Okay I scavenged out an old measuring tape which is in inches and as you can they measure in at 71cm which is 28inches. Sorry for the initial mistake.


Thanks a lot! This is very helpful man:) I joined this forum with the hopes of getting info like this.


Cycle update:
4th week of my cycle is about to end in a few days. Everything has been going great so far. The biggest noticeable difference is sex drive, I came 8 times yesterday, yes 8. And I still woke up multiple times at night with “night wood” I guess😅

Weight has stopped increasing after adding in S23, but this is expected as S23 is known as a recomp drug which sheds of water and fat while building muscle, often compared to winstrol and anavar for the pumps, which is true because I couldn’t finish my arm workout today due to the extreme pump.

At 2 weeks into my cycle I change source from UGL to Pharma grade due to unbearable PIP but now there little to no pip with pharma, I only inject glutes.

I had a glute tear roughly 6 months back and injecting that area is actually healing the injury due to the increased inflammation in the area.

Overall everything is going great, I’m predicting that I’ll end the cycle at 215lbs bodyweight as compared to what I am rn which is 200lbs.

Also I should be hitting 180kg squat, 125kg bench and 200kg deadlift at the end of my cycle, I’ll update you guys on this end as well.



This thread is trash

Good luck with having 0 boner power and no hair in a few years tho. Lame ass dude needing juice to hit a 1000 total :lol:


Thanks for the kind words big guy:)


Arnold, Larry wheels, Steve gentilli and countless other elite level athletes started using gear way before me. Would you call them lame? And yes I’m comparing my self to them.


To be fair they started using in an era in which the harmful effects of these compounds were completely unknown… Aside from the increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma and dyslipidemia, these were recognised sides in the 60s


But PED use is a part of his sport, what with them being drugs that enhance perfotmance.


They are freaks with elite genetics to make them elite athletes. Judging by your lifts you might not be an elite athlete. When Larry started gear he was already benching in mid 300s and dead lifting 600+.


True. Doesn’t take away from my point tho.


Its very well possible that someone else handled his drug protocol.