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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


Fricken TOM PLATZ has 32 inch thighs so I believe the OP either made a typo, doesnt know how to measure legs, or is just lying.


But wouldn’t his results show that he DOES know his craft very well?

Perhaps it was a combined 30"


Lmao haha perhaps your right.




Forum has banned me from commenting for 17 hours as I’ve reached the reply limit for today. somehow I’m able to send this but I won’t reply until 17 houra have passed. Peace.


Um, that’s not a thing here. At least it shouldn’t be and I’ve never seen it happen anywhere on the site. Screenshot the message you’re seeing and e-mail Mods@T-Nation.com so I can get it fixed.


Sometimes I wonder if these people are real people behind a computer… Then i find the IG and youtube and watch… And suddenly it all makes sense smh…




Don’t do it mate.


too late, he’s currently mid cycle :frowning:


I didn’t get an email, it was a pop up notification when I tried replying to a comment. Please look into it bro, if it comes up again I’ll take a screenshot.


When I said this I meant in regards to PED use not powerlifting, my bad I could’ve made it clearer but I thought it was obvious.


Regarding my legs, They measure in at 71cm on my tape. Me like an idiot decided to rely on my own conversion skills and got 30" when in reality 71cm is 28". I’ll post a pic when I come back from the gym. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


So what I should fuck it later instead?


Exactly, now that you have started you have chance of never coming off. It’s a big commitment to use these drugs. Lifelong commitment.


Way to skip the point and latch on to something unrelated. I could argue that you use game of thrones gifs to explain yourself and that’s why you’re not mature enough to use PEDs but I’m not doing so.


I post them as insta stories, I have meet footage of a 105 comp bench and and a 115kgs gym bench. A 180kg first meet post glute tear dead and a 190kg gym pull. Squat I hardly have any good meet footage but I hit 165kgs for a double this Monday so next monday I can film it for ya. But how do you want me to send all this to you? If you give me your insta I can DM you.


Wanna wait till after my cycle because rn I have a 225 bench on my page, soon I’ll put a 265 pound bench, no point flooding my page with small increments and having to film every training session.


Are you genuinely bragging about a 230lb (we use freedom units here) bench? I did that when I was in college, at the same weight as you, and I was lazy as hell, chainsmoked, drank malt liquor, and had zero benching skills. Who knew I could have been a top notch athlete if only Instagram had existed??


Lol no my bench has always sucked, plus I posted my progress not to brag. It’s coming along nicely during this cycle tho, hit a 300lb board press the other day so hopefully my body will catch up to that number with full range. Fingers crossed.