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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


How’s that wierd? I’m 17 rn. I have family, extended family, college, arm wrestling States coming up, powerlifting comp in Moscow this year end apart from multiple local and national comps. I don’t want anything to affect my freedom in the future and that’s why I’m not open about it yet. And I know it’s not much but I also removed the Natty title from my name. This still has nothing to do with this thread but I’m still answering it.


Your research is fuck all then.


I don’t know it all and I don’t have an impressive following. God knows where you got that from🤷


Hmmmm I don’t know about this, I can make informed decisions and I make informed decisions frequently. Granted my brain chemistry (given my autism/asbergers) is different to that of a normal individual, so that may play a role. I most certainly wouldn’t fight in a war unless the state of Israel was in serious, SERIOUS trouble

When people (teenagers or adults) start responding aggressively like this it makes you seem like an immature individual who certainly isn’t emotionally mature enough to indulge in the use of anabolics. Also makes you seem like an asshat, even though you may very well be a nice person. You have the attitude of a Choochem (Yiddish word)


Firstly I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to write this informative piece and give me constructive criticism which cough some people here cough don’t seem to get. It’s very helpful, seriously thank you.

Now on to the real stuff, I don’t know why I forgot to make this clear but I frontloaded test e 500/wk for the first 4 weeks and the plan for the next 4 weeks is 250/wk along with S23

My ultimate plan is to run 1 cycle a year and that’s it, I thought of low dose test/tren/dbol but I probably won’t do it because of the obvious risks involved, I just thought of it so I put it out there in the hopes of you guys laying out the pros/cons of that cycle(which is what you kinda did) and then hopefully suggest a better cycle.

Another thing is that I’m the type of person to be the best or be nothing at all, if I’m gonna continue arm wrestling or powerlifting I will ensure that I’m at the elite level and that does include drug use so NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS I WILL BE TAKING STEROIDS!


What are your lifts?


I hardly ever swear and I don’t indulge in aggressive arguments. But please understand that this dude claims that I haven’t competed in powerlifting and I haven’t hit my claimed numbers when It’s clearly given on my Instagram which this same dude has been watching! So I’m so sorry for the vulgar reply but he deserves it:)


375 squat, 255 bench, 425 dead bodyweight + 145lb pullup


I have to go to sleep now however Chris colluci doesn’t deserve a vulgar reply. If he seems like he’s being a dick it’s only because he cares about you’re health and wellbeing, from what I’ve observed (despite the fact I’ve never met him, so making a legitimate judgement is impossible) Chris Colluci (not sure if that’s his real name or not) is a good guy who only means well.

Swearing isn’t the problem btw, I’m Australian, do you know how much WE swear haha, it’s the way the post sounds, when I read it I picture someone speaking abrasively and/or aggressively.


The way you interpret it is not my fault mate. And I respect the fact that you Disagree with my tone used but I hold my stance.


Not bad lifts but nowhere near the elite category yet. Heck im nearly 2 years younger then you and my deadlift and bench is the same as yours. But im actually interested to see how much you will gain with your cycles. Im not doing anything until im at least 20 with 5 years of experience but I still enjoy learning about gear. Also whats your weight?


@vvfoo I should state that you and OP are both tall people as anyone who is above my height (5’5) clearly has gigantism


I hit these numbers at 155lbs. I also hit a 405 deadlift @ 145lbs bodyweight a year back. I haven’t Tested my numbers yet, the numbers I stated are quite old before I tore my glute 6 months back. I assume I should be at 1200lbs total after my cycle.

Rn I’m around 200lbs at 6ft2 but I’m nowhere near competing condition rn, waaay too heavy.


Lol you’re a funny dude😂


No, I didn’t and it’s certainly not my place to. I did the same quick basic research I do for all brand new members, based on Admin info I have on my side of the screen.

It’s not anything close to an invasion of privacy, because A - He publicly uses his real name on IG and Youtube (which, again, it’s not my place to share) and B - He opened the door to the issue with the comment about being “kinda known in the teen fitness industry”, which he apparently regretted and later edited out.

To be fair, I dropped an F bomb in my first reply. No biggie.


Uses the sarcastic Spongebob meme as a way to refute the human endocrine system. Yep, you’re totally mature enough to handle anabolics.

Anybody who says that a 17-year old, 6’1", 160-pound kid should use steroids does not know what they’re talking about and should not be listened to. Period.

I’ll admit the tattoo comment was a bit of a cheap shot. But there’s at least some parallel in that both are decisions that will have lifelong consequences and many people who do either one too young later regret the choice.

Except for the part where the results you’ve seen so far could’ve been done with food and lifting. It happens all the time, especially with young underweight kids.

Or the part where your very first instinctive reply was to pretend you didn’t know what I was referring to. Yes, you tried deleting that post and apologized, but your first reaction was to hide from the facts, not address them.

Hyping up your progress/advertising your results without disclosing that you’re on anabolics is textbook “fake natty” (though I think that’s a lame term).

I get the legal aspect if that’s an issue in your country, but the fact remains that it’s undeniably dishonest to be giving followers (and potential customers) only half the story, even if it’s a wink-wink-don’t-talk-about-it part of the fitness industry. Especially because you’re the exact kind of dude nobody would ever expect to be using.

Weird then that the only full meet on your Youtube page is from May 2017, your first meet where you totaled 766 pounds (it’s also the only meet that comes up when you’re Googled for powerlifting).

You have another vid on your IG/Youtube - the deadlift only meet Jan 2018, where you pulled 375. And there’s the IG vid from just last month in the gym where you “finally” hit your goal bench of 225.

Seems like it would make sense to post more vids of your biggest lifts. That’s Social Media Self-Promotion 101.

None of these lifts are on your IG or Youtube.



Dave tate was a powerlifter from decades ago just like how dave duchaine was once the voice of Steroids. Things change. I don’t agree with what’s said over here. Comparing anabolics to you having an ace card which you can only use ONCE is downright retarded and shows that he doesn’t really know his craft very well. Waiting 10-15 years for my natural strength to plateau only to then hop on gear would be a collosal waste of precious time for someone aspiring to be one of the best. “Use not abuse, less is more” I will ALWAYS keep this philosophy in mind when it comes to PEDs and I’m confident that I should reap the benefits and be able to deal with the downsides. Only time will tell my friend.


This is why I said you are a know it all that doesn’t know jack shit. You are an immature 17 yr old who barely has any life experiences. You shouldn’t even consider a cycle until 23-25 yrs old. This is a marathon not a sprint.

You are going to do what you want, no matter what people tell you. You are too close minded to realize other people have been in your shoes and made mistakes that they are trying to help you from making. You are barely out of puberty and you’re insisting on fucking up your natural production that is supposed to support you for the rest of your life.


You have managed to miss the entire point of what Dave Tate was saying. I highly recommend you take a breath, step outside yourself for just a moment and listen to it again without your prejudices.


You realise people can see your body on instagram, right? If you’ve got 30" legs, I’ve got a 14" c*ck. I’d be surprised if they were 26", unless you’re talking length…?

EDIT: I realise this wasn’t the most constructive comment, but honestly I know FA about pharma, other than that you clearly shouldn’t be anywhere near it. TBH, you seem pretty deluded about your own achievements, which means you think you’re nearer your natty potential than you are.