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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


Wait … You gained 10kg? Holy shit… How high did you go (dose wise)? 10kg… That’s… Otherworldly.

500mg test

Anything else you didn’t mention due to potential flammage?


As I’ve said repeatedly, for his age, height, and weight, that’s not unusual. At all.

Steroids were an absolutely unnecessary shortcut. But that’s beating a dead horse at this point.

Still glad to hear this. Sticking around the site for training/diet info instead of just popping in for “updates” will bring you even better results.

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How tall is he? If he’s above 5’5 he’s a giant

I’m just thinking compared to myself. I’ve never used very high doses (250mg max/wk) however if I WERE to use 500mg (can’t see that happening, not comfortable with those kind of doses), I highly, HIGHLY doubt I’d gain 10kg, 4kg if I was lucky.



A 6’1", 160-pound teenager is a muscle-growing machine when fed properly.


160 is slightly below my current weight. Except I’m extremely… Tall… So… Yeet (runs away while everyone believes unreal is tall, no one can see through his facade in this post)


I’m 6"2 rn. 10kgs isn’t that much tbh, I could’ve done it naturally with my big appetite, it just would’ve taken longer and I probably would’ve gained more fat.

Also btw I was 72kgs start of December.


The highest I went was 500mg test as a frontload then 250mg/wk


No and no. But okay.

(I’m really not trying to restart an issue. The whole topic is just irksome.)

EDIT: Had to delete that last post. If you want to post the videos, then just post them. Soliciting IG followers/driving traffic to your account by playing coy isn’t what the forum is for.


POST PCT BLOODWORK (need opinions)

Thought I’d share with y’all my recent bloodwork which I took 2 weeks post pct(serms) and also friend’s bloodwork results which is extremely shocking!

Let me skip through the boring part and get to testosterone, my pre cycle levels were at 587ng/dl and today’s test it came in at 625ng/dl

So my natural testosterone levels are higher now than what it was prior to my cycle and I expected it due to the high doses of HCG during cycle and my proper PCT protocol. My LH levels is above the reference range and my FSH levels is at the low/mid range.

Now to the main part, my friend, who is also 18, did a cutting cycle along side my which included testosterone and Winstrol at moderate doses. This was his first cycle. His pre test levels were at 564ng/dl but today when we did his bloods(3 weeks post PCT) his testosterone levels came in at bloody 1356ng/dl! This has left us both stunned and clueless. And before anyone jumps to conclusions, he practically lives with me and I know for a fact that he hasn’t taken anything without telling me during this period and he has been completed clean of SERMS for 3 weeks prior to today’s bloodtest. Any idea on why and how his natural test levels are literally almost 3x what it was pre cycle?



He didn’t recover as well. You did. Everyone is different, Part 6,972,431


Wait how did he not recover as well? Didn’t he recover much better than me since his levels are much higher than what they were


Misread that as 135 instead of 1356. My mistake.

Additionally, you’re both retarded for doing cycles at 18. Seriously, what were you two thinking?