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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


I think the point the kid was trying to make was that the younger you are the faster you bounce back.

That was a lot of info to take in haha very interesting read


There’s no evidence to suggest that one bounces back faster at a younger age. There just hasn’t been enough research conducted on anabolic steroids in general to come to any conclusions such as this. Anecdotal evidence may suggest this though

@physioLojik Dr Sir, would you say younger patients have an easier time bouncing back from suppression of the HPTA


If he can bounce back then I stand corrected and maybe it wasnt bad after all


What, no… It’s still bad even if he bounces back.

A: you probably won’t bounce back to baseline, thus potentially stunting the development of an immature endocrine system (no matter the difference, even if it’s only a difference of 30ng/dl)

B: if he uses tren/deca, or other harsh compounds (even vastly surpa doses of test) permanent changes in brain chemistry may occur, although I’d believe test is reasonably safer. Other hard drug use (which OP may have partaken in during his younger years with his old friend group) may also alter overall brain chemistry. Lots of kids (at least in my cohort) like MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine)… Frequent use of this will fucking burn up you’re 5-ht receptors. I’ve never used this (have been offered tho numerous times) and never will, just my preference tho, no judgement to those who do

C: risk for cardiovascular disease, we all know AAS use creates a sharply increased risk for cardiovascular related comorbidities (aside from accelerated atherosclerosis), even if there isn’t a ton of strong data… Come on, we know it’s true. Most kids who use aren’t aware of the potential risk with regard to their cardiovascular system. I get pain in my ribs and chest sometimes, right by the costochondral joints… fucking costochondritis… Unrelated tho. Used to be much worse, my chest used to click and pop (painfully) thank GOD that doesn’t happen anymore amirite.


I’ve had a painful clicking/popping sternum since I started doing weighted dips years back, unrelated to AAS tho.


Actually that’s how it started for me too. Heavy, weighted dips when I was like 13

The clicking took 3ish years abstinence from dips before it went away. I can now do dips again (parallel bars, bench and weighted) however sometimes I get an ache in my ribs and sternum, I’ve got it now.

I assume my growing body just didn’t like that movement.

I’ll be devastated if it comes back full force


I stopped dips completely now. Opportunity cost is just not worth it.


Do you think there’s any chance or way to avoid getting costochondirits from dips? Was planning to start doing them and then slowly add weight in 5kg increments after being able to do dips for 12 reps BW


Totes, don’t go too heavy and don’t stretch further than what you’re comfortable with


But if the damage is done, and he does not further damage, thats best case scenario. So we good.


Yeet, exactly. There’s nothing we can do to stop the prior damage having been done, but we stopped more future damage from occurring. This it’s a win, we’ve succeeded in positively affecting someone’s life


what shite are you chatting? two posts below you go on to say he’s only been on gear for 2 weeks.


He’s been on for longer than 2 wks, like 6 wks.


wonder if he knew that, even then six weeks is no time for the gear to take a proper hold and turn the kid into Dwayne Johnson.

I am sure this kid will look like he’s on gear by the time he’s 20.


unless you’re using something extremely harsh like M-1-T, s-drol, adrol etc. Supposedly blows you up full of glycogen, water (intra-cellular) etc makes you look hypoge while on. Risk def isn’t worth it.

But to be fair, tons of dudes unfortunately blast grams and look like hot trash because they don’t diet or train properly. Sure, they usually look bigger than the average natty gym goer, however I saw one pic of a dude who supposedly used a test, deca, dbol stack (I’ll find it later if interested) and the dude, after multiple cycles… was smaller than ME!!! (I’m not big at all)


Yeah no shit, he had no business on it in the first place.


I have to second this I run in the powerlifting world and most of my buddies run shit tons more gear than I do. And I look like well you can see my avatar so it really shows what training and nutrition can do with gear and what gear alone will do. Personally I prefer lower doses while keeping diet in check and training my ass off.


How much gear do you run to maintain your gains?


I cruise around 175-22 5test propionate, but I usually do eat more protein and and I cut supramaximal training down.



Hey Guys! Kyle here the now 18 year old kid lol.

So I’m on my second week of PCT comprising of SERMs which I initiated 2 weeks after my last test e shot.

Started my cycle at 81kgs and ended at 94kgs. Rn I’m sitting at 91 and slowly slowly losing weight. But I’m not at all upset because it’s basically all water weight from estrogen bloat. I’m looking much more vascular and I’ve kept my strength and progressing further in it. I squatted 220kgs and pulled 210kgs and I have a lot of meets coming up.

Overall I feel better rn than what I felt on cycle, I can breathe better and I look better in the mirror. I get way more sore now tho and it feels impossible to gain weight.

Sex drive still extremely high, no difference. In fact clomid has shown to increase semen volume and my load has become white and there’s a lot. Compared to on cycle where it was transparent and hardly anything would come.

Overall I’m happy to have made the decision to do this but I’m gonna take a break with the drugs and increase my strength naturally for a while now.

Thanks to everyone, I will give another short update after PCT and bloodwork.