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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


I think that is what bothers me. I can see myself like this when I was a kid. Not the show boating or bragging and boasting. BUT the you can’t tell me nothing I dont already know. Had I just shut my mouth and listened, it was for the better. Always got the answer or think I knew better.


Wish I had of listened more lol there is no turning back the clock


@vvfoo damn didnt realize you were 16 and natty… If i was this kid id probably give up after seeing your pic


This thread continues to be trash and the OP is a scrub who proves that not everyone on juice has an impressive physique


Thread isn’t trash anymore, op agreed to not run anymore gear. Thus I consider it a win

People at this point are giving the kid a hard time due to his attitude. However I think people are being a bit unnecessarily harsh at this point. He agreed to not use anymore gear, what’s the point of continued insults. If I was in this kids shoes I’d be thinking “fuck these guys, I’ll prove them wrong”… This is NOT what we want him to think though, you guys are coming off as massive dicks, I know that isn’t the intention, the intention is to steer this kid away from harming himself, and the job has been done. Thus we should all pipe down at this point.


At his age the damage has already been done from 2 weeks of use. That’s why this stuff is best left to the hands of professionals, not the opinion of random forum users


Yes but we have deterred this individual from causing further damage. Is that not a win? I consider that a win in my book.

Sure it would’ve been best to stop any damage being caused in the first place, however there was nothing we could’ve done to stop the damage from being done in the first place if we didn’t know about it.

Not sure if this is a knock at me or not. However I was just saying there’s no point in insulting OP at this point

Btw at any age damage could be done to ones endocrine system in two weeks, the potential for damage is just far higher (neurologically, endocrine etc) at a younger age.


Lol the fact that you still believe that I’m show boating and bragging is honestly appalling.


I don’t think this is the case here. In fact most studies show that younger individuals are able to bounce back quicker, but hey we’ll all find out, I’ll update a few weeks post PCT


Now I’m NOT AT ALL trying to defend my myself here but I personally know a dude who is 20 and ran a gram of deca for 6 months straight. Yes it was EXTREMELY stupid but he did bounce back and now his bloodwork is at 520ng/dl compared to 547ng/dl prior to abusing.


Yes when their endocrine system is fully developed. Is that not obvious enough?


That being said, I also know of dudes that take years to bounce back after beginner cycles.


That’s not a thumbrule.


You will literally argue anything and everything that’s put forward, can you not see your not mature enough for this? It’s honestly bewildering.


Honestly this time you’re the one who did exactly this. All I did was explain that 2 weeks of just test is not groundrule for screwing up someone’s endo. Even someone who’s 18 like me. Just like getting wasted once is not generally gonna fuck you up for life.


But I do see it blindbat


You said studies show the younger you are the faster you bounce back and I said not when the endocrine system isn’t fully developed. Your right when It comes to say a 25 year old, not a 17 year old.
Comparing steroids to alcohol is like comparing heroin to weed man.
If you know you aren’t mature enough then why the f**k are you doing it?
Also throwing insults is just showing your maturity level.


Actually studies show (when used for tall stature to close ephysial plates prematurely) in young individuals, they do bounce back nearly 100% of the time, however the consequence is that they never recover to their baseline T levels, and compared to counterparts who never got the treatment, their T is lower (P value being greater than .05 so lower to a statistically significant degree) than their untreated counterparts. As is their testicular volume and sperm counts I believe

All in all: young people do appear to bounce back, however lasting damage does occur to their endocrine system making it a null point.


Yes that’s sounds like a fair point, they bounce back faster but to a lower baseline T level. I stand corrected.


Idk if they bounce back faster, all I know is they do appear bounce back, however not to their original, baseline androgen status. Thus hinting that some long term damage has been done.

For someone like me (on trt) this doesn’t matter. For someone with a perfectly functioning endocrine system, it’s a huge deal.

One must also factor into how AAS plays a role with regard to brain development. It’s still unknown how vastly supraphysiologic doses of hormones play a role on the developing brain. I’d imagine tren, deca and other 19-nors would have the worst impact.

The amount of brain development that occurs between now and 25 for me is subjective based on the individual. Studies show that in adults (and late teens) structural abnormalities (in the absence of change in IQ, mental state and other factors) have been found in the brains of high dose AAS users, specifically areas with a high concentration of androgen receptors (cough right amygdala cough cough) hinting at a potentially neurotoxic action of anabolics. One study found a statistically significant difference in visuospacial IQ between users and nonusers, however other studies have failed to replicate this statistically significant link.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some harsher anabolics can facilitate the onset of neurodegenerative disorders in those predisposed to them at older ages.

Then again various androgens have been shown to be neuroprotective with regard to the creation of new myelin sheaths, so for those with MS or something certain anabolics may be of use. However the mechanism / properties of as to why I don’t believe are known, so it’s like using oxymetholone to treat aplastic anaemia… Rather find out what is the beneficial property and isolate it (EPO yeet)

Allthhhhoouughhh androgen treatment in aplastic anaemia may help with the weakness/ lack of muscle mass many have associated with the disease (due to inability to be physically active)