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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM





I looked like hitler was my nutritionist but I was sub 10% for sure.


This was right after I pulled 405lbs @ 145lbs bodyweight at 16 years old, well technically 380 cause they called 405 for hitching🙄




Sorry kiddo that’s more like 12. Sub 10 would be full quad separation, and some vascularity.


LMAO When is leg day ?

Thought you didn’t want to be a bodybuilder? Why you posing poser?


I wasn’t flexing my legs obviously. Look at the first pic. People like you ALWAYS wanna pic out the negatives in everything.


Cause it’s a free country so imma pose whenever the fuck I want.


I disagree but still, yoy said that I was too fat to do gear. And we both know that even 12% is far from “too fat” in this regard.


Listen genius, you post ur pictures making wild claims then cry when criticized. I am starting to feel sorry for you. You are obviously looking for attention or trying to fit in somewhere but you are trying to hard. Let it come naturally, not forced. Be safe kid.


Says the dude who equates posing in gym locker rooms to wanting to be a bodybuilder. Sorry man but I can’t take you seriously.




Thanks again


LOL again says the kid thats 17 has 1 good solid year of training under his belt and thinks gear is the answer.


I feel like you’re not legit and just trolling
1st you’re a high level power lifter then you admit your numbers suck because your competition is weak
…and WTF? Who uses gear and their strength gains in the 3 big lifts only match the same amount of body weight they’ve gained
I smell BS


Damn the number of whiny bitches in this thread is unbelievable. Can’t get the lemon out of my mouth.

Shouldn’t have started AAS so early, you might regret it but good luck to you in your future and be responsible.


Thanks Bro! Appreciate it:)


It’s the age thing and rightly so. People are giving some good advice but it’s all went the wrong direction. This is probably to do with some of his posts. The guys only 17 so you would expect some of his answers. Live and learn they say. There’s only so much you can do, my stepson is like this. The wee lad has an answer for everything lol . See you on the TRT forums in a few years kiddo :call_me_hand: