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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


If you have the genetics to go pro and make money off of it then go for it. The problem is your doing this for social media.


With this logic, why are you even considering ever hoping on gear lol?


Im not considering hoping on anything right now. Im 16 dude. Im not planning to mess up my Endo when Im 17 either. There are some people out there who do though.


The 16 yr old you are talking shit too is bigger and better physique being a True Natty than you being a fake -natty. Ouch


And OP has trained longer than vvfoo too I think. Lol


Eh sadly It isn’t true.


Dude the OP has 30 inch thighs, bigger then most of the Olympia Classic Physique guys. Obviously hes a monster.


But hey no point arguing about stuff like this. Next thing you know we’ll be comparing dick sizes. Let’s see in 3 years.


Now who said that? Is that all you got boy? I honestly I doubt yours are even 28"


I see you talking down on me since the start of this thread and it’s fine you’re entitled to be a dick to me I’ll just brush it off. But don’t even for a second claim that you’re better.


I say you have fat flabby legs. Doesn’t matter how big they are if it’s looks like the Pillsbury doughboy is walking around.


Of course I’ve put on 18 kgs in hardly 3 months, how’s this related?


This is a great idea, very glad to hear it and I appreciate you accepting some experienced input.

Oh, um, okay. I mean, if you’re smacking your hand with a hammer, it is better to stop 3 weeks from now instead of 8 weeks from now. Or you could, like, just stop smacking your hand with a hammer now. Call me crazy.

Just for squirts and giggles, for the fourth time I’ll remind you that the gains you’ve made could’ve been achieved with food. 40 solid pounds in 10 weeks was 100% doable with hard work and calories. You were using gear as a shortcut, which is the least responsible and most short-sighted way to run a cycle.

But, bottom line, you’re making the right call to not continue using.


I’m glad we’re on the same page.


I never said you were. But if I recall, you did say that you’ll start at 20🤷


Because you’re too fat to use gear.


I was sub 10% bodyfat prior to my LGD cycle


Hey telling someone they are in no position to use gear is not putting them down. But again Im in no position to tell you anything, so good luck on your future cycles. There experienced professionals and doctors that gave you advice, hope you listen.


I call bullshit. Post a pic of sub 10


Look below, they are loading.