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17 Years Old Running Test E 500/wk + S23 SARM


Hey guys, This is my first post here. Now before anyone goes on about how I shouldn’t be on gear at my age, I’ve already made up my mind, done my research and I’m the kind of person to try everything to see if it is really what everyone sets it out to be.

I’m not a noob. I’m a national level powerlifter and arm wrestler with a 1000+lb total. I’ve been an athlete all my life and have been training at the gym since I was 14.

I ran an LGD cycle at 10mg per day for 6 weeks, went from 72kgs to 86kgs. Now I’m on the 4th week of my 8 week test + s23 cycle which I’ve started right after my LGD cycle. I’m at 90kgs rn.

I’ve done baseline bloodwork.

PCT will be 2000IU HCG one week prior to SERMs and then 4 week of clomid + nolva at 50/20 EOD respectively. Not everyday since half life is 2 days. Then 15 days of megadosing natural test boosters

I’m feeling great, legs went from 24inches to 28inches( I’m blessed below the belt;)), arms went from 15inches to 17 inches, squat up 20kgs, bench up 25kgs, deadlift up 20kgs and bodyweight up 18kgs

I’m sharing all this as I’m looking for some constructive criticism/advice on my cycle, future cycle and my AI lol

I have Arimidex on hold but I’m not taking it because I’ve seen a lot of bloodwork of dudes crashing their E2 levels drastically on just 0.5mg. my nipples are always kinda puffy when I bulk but they flatten out when I cut. I will be watching my tits like a hawk tho. Want advice on this👆

Next cycle will probably be along the lines of Test E + Tren A + Dbol or Anadrol. Watchu guys think? Will probably wait one year after this PCT tho, don’t wanna rely on drugs at my age because I know I can improve without them also. Also I’d like to add that I’m a long haired dude so I kinda wanna avoid hairloss. I have ketokonazole and Minoxidil on hand even right now.

Looking forward to a healthy discussion with you guys:) I can post my pics if you want or even my insta.



LMAO 1000+ total. Literally half of the football team at my school have 1000+ totals. Not something that justifies gear use. Im sure guys on here will help you though. 3 years of training is not enough experience if you ask me.


Appreciate it man. And yes I know my numbers aren’t great at all, I’m based in india so the level is lower here plus I just added that in to show that I’m not a complete noob at lifting. Not to brag:)


Then why are you using them? You’re too immature, literally physically and emotionally, to be using AAS. The most basic risk:reward check should tell you there’s no added benefit and tons of potential negatives. But, you already started and are getting results that could’ve been seen by pounding food, so, there’s that.

You were over 6 feet tall and under 160 pounds. Fucking nobody would’ve said steroids were a good idea at that point. You’re being so young only makes it an even worse idea.

Not sure which has the bigger potential for long-term regret, your cycle or your tattoos.

And already lying to your “followers”. Great, you’re another one of those people.
“Here I am at 82kgs. When I initially started my bulk 7 weeks back I was just 73kgs and my goal weight was 82kgs! So I gained 9kgs in little less than 2 months while reaching my “goal” of 82kgs and 16inch arms.”

Weird you didn’t want to let them in on the secret to your success.


Disregarding the fact that you shouldn’t be doing what youre doing… 8 weeks is not a proper length to run Test E so I’m not sure you did your ‘research’ correctly to maximize your results versus the risk you are taking. My advice would be to get your labs taken post PCT and reconsider once you normalize.


That’s a lot of HCg all in one short time span. Probably not a great idea. More isn’t always better. You could get some serious aromatization from that dose and be going into pct with another unnecessary variable to contend with. I’d drop it to 250iu twice a week for the two weeks leading into pct. That seems a lot less drastic.


Thanks bro:)


Thanks for the advice:)


Hey mate it’s late here so I’m going to bed, we’ll continue this tomorrow:) btw did you just search up my name? How’d you get my name? From my account on here? Cheers


Tren is not a second cycle compound. It’s usually reserved for two kinds of guys: guys who have really dialed in everything and have run multiple cycles and are mentally ready for that journey, or lazy gym rats who want the ultimate shortcut. You haven’t put in the time to be the first guy, so don’t volunteer to be the second guy.


I apologize for my previous comment, Deleted.


This is my concern as well. Thanks for taking the time man.


How was the S23? What dosage and length did you run it? Any sides?


Why not just delete this underage BS? I don’t really foresee anyone in their right mind giving advice to a minor on what steroids he should be using and what doses, or anything else for that matter. Especially these kids that think they know it all and brag about “following” as if they are something already.

I admit not reading the forum rules but there should be something to include minors.

I understand there should be a place for open discussion but that is different than giving advice.


If it helps I’m turning 18 in a few days😬



Forum Director isn’t some random avatar addition I made up. Playing dumb with the “what are you talking about” doesn’t help anything and was a lame (and telling) first instinct. Addressing the issues raised would be a good idea.


Exactly mate and I’ve apologized for that:) Will definitely address ALL your points tomorrow.


You had tons of potential left on your frame naturally. Now, you’re going to have to keep ramping up the amount of shit you add to cycles to get satisfactory results. Horrible idea.
You want some advice? Wait more than a year… try 10.

You’ve been training for 3 years, a 30 year old who has been training for only 3 years would get similar advices, 3 years isn’t shit. Coupled with your age, it’s a disaster man.


HCG is suppressive and not to be taken for PCT. where do people come up with this…


Might as well start trt now bro🤷‍♂️