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17 Years Old. One Cycle of Test Enanthate?

Hello everyone, I am 17 years old and looking to do one cycle and one cycle only. I know I am very young to do a cycle but that does not stop me from wanting to do it. I know there are risks since i am young but can you all tell me the magnitude of effects that one cycle will have on me? Will one cycle ruin the rest of my life or will i be fine with proper PCT? I have been training for about a year now and i know i am nowhere close to my genetic potential which makes me think i will keep a lot of my gains earned on a steroid cycle. If i did a steroid cycle it would be Testosterone Enanthate 500mg for 10 weeks followed by whatever PCT is needed to regulate my hormone levels. I do not want to ruin my testosterone forever but will taking a cycle at 17 do exactly that? & please explain to me the side effects & how to combat them 100% (if possible) like gyno and hair loss. Also what PCT will i need and how long? Will i be able to eat anything i want due to my fast metabolism or will i want to be eating perfectly? Also what kind of strength and size gains do you expect from a 17 year old on a Test cycle? Where would i even get the Testosterone (I have connections to many more drugs and i am sure i could easily get it but where does everyone else get theirs)? Will one cycle ruin my life or will i have to run therapy for the rest of my life which i DO NOT want at all? Thank you, I know there are tons of questions in this post but i’m just trying to be safe. Please don’t respond in just saying “Oh you’re 17 you’re too young” i’m still going to want to do this cycle, and if the risks really do outweigh the benefits at this age then give me many reasons and still try to answer the questions above. Thank you so much!

So you type this nice long paragraph just to say that you are still going to want to do the cycle… Judging by the questions you are asking, you don’t know a damn thing about running gear… There are so many negative things I could say, but if you are like any other younger guy I give advise to, you’ll just argue and get butthurt about what I have to say. 1 cycle isn’t worth it. You are 17 with a year of training. And trust me, nobody does just one cycle. You literally know nothing… Not trying to insult your intelligence… But in this world, YOU DON’T… I see this causing more harm than good. And no I’m not just some gym bro who thinks I know a little about cycles.


I know you don’t want to hear this but I think you should learn to eat and train correctly first before jumping to a cycle. You say it will be just one cycle, that’s like saying your only going to have sex once. Not going to happen. At your age you can make huge gains without the gear. Wait till your at least 25. Just my 2 cents. It’s your life, you can make it chicken soup or chicken shit, it’s up to you. Good luck.


I’m kinda torn…

On one-hand, I think usernames that ask these questions and state they are under age, should be banned.

On the second-hand (if only I had one), I don’t want to ban them as they would go to some other site that gives two shits and tell them to get whatever they want and run it.

OP - Just do what you can naturally. Be a kid and enjoy your youth. You never get it back.


Just like John snow - you know nothing. The gains are not
Coming for you bud.

The issues with your desire to use at your age are many. But first and foremost you say you aren’t anywhere near your genetic potential - no shit. You’re 17 and been training a year. I don’t want to shit all over you man but here’s exactly what will happen. You take one cycle of what you said, you’ll gain some weight and hold some water. You’ll come off. You’ll lose it all. You’ll want more cycles. Rinse and repeat. Talk to us when you are about 25 and likely 20 pounds heavier hopefully. At your age your body is super sensitive to any fluctuations in hormones and you will get shut down so damn fast your head will spin. To be frank your test at your age is likely high end normal so why fuck around? Oh wait I know. Because you are a kid and all you know is instant gratification. This shit takes years and years and years of hard work. One cycle will give you zero in the end besides the likelihood of a fucked endocrine system. Dude just train hard and eat tons of food. That’s all you need.

This is literally the worst idea i have ever read