17 Years Old Natty Physique, Thoughts?

Hi i’m 17. 1.80 cm 88-89 kg . My coachs say your genetics is suitable this sport. So he suggested to me a test+eq cycle . What do you think about that ? İ think its early but i am unstable. :thinking:Thanks all your comments :pray::pray: Sorry for my bad english .


Only 17, that’s a great physique (No Homo :wink: ) How long have you been training for?
Your coach is suggesting you do a cycle at 17? I’ve been training for a year and I’m nearly 17, I’m sure thats way to young to start considering you’re supposed to make your best gains until your around early 20’s.

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İ am doing this 2 year. But before that i played basketball in the school 3 years.

I suggest a better coach.

How long have you been training?

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I’d wait much longer if I was you, I don’t really know anything about that but I’m sure it’s way to young to start especially as your only 17 as well there’s no point messing with your natural test levels at this age

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Well done so far. But…

Also betting your “coach” is your dealer for that first cycle he thinks you’re ready for. Just consider his motives for a minute and see if they’re in your best interest. If you care about your long term potential you’ll hold off on that cycle.