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17 Years Old, 5'7

Hey, everybody. I posted in the bodybuilding section a while back about possibly stepping on stage and doing a show. I finally have some good pictures that I took today after my workout. Here’s a few stats:

Age: 17
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 190-195 lbs.
Body fat: 11-12%
Squat: 385 lbs.
Bench: 305 lbs.
Deadlift: 425 lbs.

I train for powerlifting with Ed Coan, but always considered bodybuilding sometime in the future. I follow a basic 4 day split:

Monday - Chest & Tris (emphasis on bench)
Wednesday - Back & Legs (emphasis on squat & dead)
Friday - Light Bench & Heavy Shoulders
Saturday - Light Back & Heavy Biceps

I run on my off days to stay in relatively good shape.

My diet is fairly simple - high protein, moderate carbs, low-moderate fats. I take in anywhere between 3,500-4,000 calories a day, the former on non-training days and the latter on training days. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I keep a training log on the site as well, so you can refer to there if you have any questions about my training style.

Sorry if the posing sucks, I’ve never had a lesson in my life. I did what I could.


Front double bi.


Most muscular.


Don’t know what this pose is called.


Rear lat spread. I suck at this one.


Flexed back?


Back double bi. I got a good shot of my back, but my biceps appear non existent.


Side chest. I realize that this pose probably sucks, too.


I tried to meld traps, shoulders, chest, and abs all into one lol.


Here are teh wheelz. Kinda…


Sad excuse for a side-tri. I had no clue how to execute this one.


Ab & thigh. I think was one of the best shots.


Don’t know what this one is either, but I think this is one of my best.


Here is the best shot of the day, in my opinion. I finally (kinda) brought my biceps into the equation.


In all, I think my weak points are:

Quad/hamstring separation.
My waist is a bit wide.
My calves blow. I have cankles.
I lack chest thickness.
My shoulders have a shitty cap, if any.
My biceps have little peak.

I think my strong points are:

Triceps (if I had a better shot, you might agree)

Any critique is appreciated. I would hope that someone like Stu, Professor X, or ebomb could give some advice.


Look fine solid back!!!

[quote]KlausmAndersen wrote:
Look fine solid back!!! [/quote]

Thanks! I think it’s possibly my best feature as of right now.


You have a ton of mass for 17 CS, nice work. Your bodyfat is above your estimate for sure, but definitely not getting too sloppy considering your size/strength/BW gains. You hold it well in the sense that your lower back and ab region both look reasonably tight.
You’ll be a beast in a few years.

you are easily 15% BF, not that it really matters.

good job for your age, difficult to advise much, you are still too small and need to grow everywhere.

keep up what you are doing and you should look great at 21.

lifts are impressive.

Posing is tough, and is made to give you the illusion of a bigger physique. With a bit of practice on your poses, you will definitely find that some of your “weaknesses” aren’t all that weak. Your quad/hamstring seperation and waist aren’t really issues that I would worry about too much right now, those can be solved by fine-tuning your diet should you ever want to do a competition.

I think your calves and upper body thickness will take a bit of time to develope (its hard to tell by the pics, so I’m just taking your word that you deem them a weakness), but with a bit of priority training you can bring those up. I found doing heavy barbell rows, deadlifts, and heavy flat/incline presses helped me for upper body thickness. The same can be said about your shoulders and biceps as well, keep focusing on putting more mass on them and they will start to develop the way you want them too.

I don’t know how your hamstrings look, but I’d say blast the hell out of them on your leg days (if it’s ok with Ed, haha). A lot of people in the novice bodybuilding comps (in my experience) rarely have any legs, and if they do they only have quads with no hammies. Your quads are a great size man, so by developing your hamstrings you will be leaps and bounds over a lot of your competitors.