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17 Years Old, 200 Pounds

ok so i want to take gear. I am a 5 7 200 pound football player. I have always been strong but due to my size the physics are against me so i really would like to use aas. i know that i might not be done growing completly but i know im pretty much done. I want to get stronger. I got my source but i do not want to say it in a post because ppl dont like it for some reason from want i have seen in post.

Anyways it it realible cause i saw it in website that recommends it and i didn’t see other things that contridict it. I am educated but since I am thinking of using later i havnt set up anything or prepared a pct. I do not want to inject since it take longer to leave system but maybe test would be okey a good one without a long lasting one.

I know you get many of this and you get tired but the fact is i ready to take the risk and many ppl act the older that they are invisible to steroids so all the steroids are bad for teens. I know they are worse but they cant be espically is you use it wisly. I was looking ito anabol or dbol but anabol doesnt armotize and dbol does but anabol is stronger than again dbol has less side effects and stronger mg per mg I like anabol because it doesnt armtize not casueing to stunt my growth.

btw i will use pct and ai or eb etc. i was also thinking of stareting on primo just for it and dbol. or just primo when first starting out since you keeep your gains. What i am tiring to say in this long post is anabol or dbol or anthing else and or primo stack etc i will not change my mind by the natural limit and things of that nature but iwould want to know which would be better for 17 and i know someone would say none dont please.

I am also worried about test going back to normal espically at my age not worried about erection defunction and sh** . i am also worried about loseing gains which anabol you don and my traing and nutrion are perfect just to let you know.you lose big gain from anadrol and dbol but for those due you stack with something like test to keep longer gain or like primo to keep the primo gains.

some other problems should be mentioned so i could know i am edcated aobut it not pct

sorry about spelling lol

recomdations better not good steroids for sports would be apprecitated

forget what you think you know.
you are far from ready
stay in school,learn a trade,something
stay away from aas

any pics mate?

I’m sure you are going to be told your not old enough, I agree with that statement. If your going to do it you should do it right. Can you post a photo or two so we can see what you look like. For you first cycle you should just do straight test! You will get crazy gains first time around with proper diet and routine. I put on 40lbs on an 8 week cycle of Sust 250 @ 500mg per week with little added fat. My next run is going to include some extras:) KISS (Keep it simple stupid.)

i will post pics later in fact im eating chicken right now and i do know a lot but sus talks a long time to leave sytme due to it long half life test suspension is good but u lose gains quick and high side effects i try to keep it simple just trying to send point accros to what i wnat to know and know

well chris boeing i think thats his name started at 16 hes a sponserssome diet pills but got fired casue of scadel in bigger stronger faster and he proubby didnt have internet like this or educated and ended up ok he didnt reach natuarl limmit but he got even bigger didnt stay placbo

i went from 120 140 to 160 under a year to 170 in in 4 months and 180 junior year to 190 to 200 and still junior year. I did gain fat but i gain lot of musule

grammar please. but no you shouldn’t. If you do(and you probably still will, despite advice from guys here who REALLY know there shit) at least start researching everything you can get your hands on. The info is out there.

i been reserching for like a year heavly for months i still could to know which to pick but i jsut wnated to know whcih is better for an football player and teen. I would state that androl is worse for performence in football becasue bad body relativing water weight bearly took typing class lol trying to use good form. i will post pics but remember 200 at 57 it not bad but i go for performance in football

Damn dude. Use a period once in a while. Its hurting my eyes to read your stuff. Don’t do gear right now. Your only 17. Give yourself a couple years yet.

if you’ve been researching for “like a year heavly or months”, then why dont u start by laying out a proper plan with the compounds you think you might want to use FIRST, along with your laid out pct.

if you can do that, then maybe we will believe you really have researched your stuff.

and yeah, pics pls.

I was young once ( wow I never thought I would use that phrase)

I know you are impatient, you want it all,and you want it now…
this I understand.
you are too young,your endocrine system is in its infancy.

you do anything now to alter your hormones and you run a very good risk of damaging yourself for life.

your test levels are through the roof right now and if they are not,you should see a doc about it.
if you wait 5 more years and work hard you will be able to make some great gains,you will be borderline too young,but you will have time to train more and learn more.
who knows maybe you will choose not to do anything by then.

and heres the cold,hard truth,I know youll call me a hater,or youll say im talking shit

truth is,YOUR 17!!! you think you know everything,I know I knew everything at 17 as well.
you dont know anything.

and anyone that gives you cycle advice,or says “such and such will give you good gains” whatever it may be,if they say anything other than NO they themselves are a flaming slackjawed idiot and you should pay no mind to them,as they will advise you in the proper way to fuck yourself up.

Too young. Don’t do it. Yadda Yadda Yadda…you wont listen.

Well best of luck.

Dude. I’m 20 now. My views/opinions on almost everything have changed since I was 17. High school football isn’t worth it. Even if high school football is all you have going for you right now, it’s not worth your future. My next statement is not meant to attack you. You cannot write the English language. If I were you, I would stop using my time to become educated on steroids and start using it to become fluent in our national language. It would serve you far better in life.

Que no, puto, que no! (A cookie to whomever translates that) If you have trouble with basic grammar, you’ll have trouble undertaking a AAS protocol. No stats, no enchilada. Give natural growth a shot.

i very open minded but the reason that i am not lying out a pct is because i dont know what i going to use if i use androl for instance, u would wnat more perferly novalex. But i did state that in the very long post.(that i didnt lay out a pct or anyhting like that for a reason just suggestions like maddy but about that i already know and i am not to worried about it and i am not impassionte.

I didnt even use supplements till 1 year of training till i was edcated but i know that impotence in not a big deal at all for adults but you would think it would be just a little deal but you take a pct for a reason like hcg or clomid.people have been using steroids for over 70 years and one doctor has not even seen one case of impotence and what about drinking alchnol.

It not even legal till 21 but i do not think it is bad if taking moderaly even water make side effects if taken too much. Like i said i am not the person to care a lot about sex and as for my edrinine system although not fully developed i want to take the risk. It is more dangers for minors but who is to say a lot more that if you were a adult?

I never drink alchnol. Ever.